Saturday, 28 June 2008

Why is it so important to get to "true type"?

Personality Assesment - Instruments and Feedback
by Linda V. Berens
Why is it so important to get to "true type"?

In our understandings and research about personality, we have come to recognize that to behave in ways not consistent with one's inborn pattern takes a tremendous amount of energy. In fact, it is highly related to stress. Temperament and type dynamics theory states we have favorite abilities that help us meet our psychological needs. These are specific to each temperament. When we get to use these "intelligences," we not only tend to excel, we also feel good about ourselves and are energized. In fact, it seems we find ways to use these talents even when they are not part of the job.


Perseus said...

The symptoms of Critical Stress resemble being in the wrong personality type, or even if you know you are in this personality type being treated by everybody else as though you are a different type.

Critical Stress

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Jung / Myers-Briggs type tests on-line

The tests are far from accurate. They are best tretaed as a starting point.

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The counter argument:

A situation in which the dominant function of a personality completely overshadows the other personality functions is analogous to a kingdom that is ruled by an overbearing king who requires absolute servitude. Imagine such a king sitting down to dinner in his castle. He keeps all of his servants running about to bring him dinner, and requires that they serve him fully (disregarding their own needs) until he is completed sated. His Foreign Minister, who is expected at an important affair at a neighboring kingdom, finds himself pouring ale. His Minister of Domestic Affairs, rather than addressing the issue of a failing economy, slices roast turkey. His staff grabs food for themselves here and there, but never get what they really need or want, and are consequently unsatisfied, malnourished, and underdeveloped. The issues that the staff should be taking care of are left undone, because they never finish their primary task of serving the king. The king's immediate needs are being met, and so he is tolerably happy, but he is an ineffective king. As far as he knows, everything and everybody exists simply to serve him. He has no concept of Success beyond his daily needs. Since he cannot see beyond his own needs, the entire kingdom suffers.