Monday, 21 March 2011

Fare to Australia (Dorset Martyrs)

God is our guide! from field, from wave,
From plough, from anvil, and from loom;
We come, our country's rights to save,
And speak a tyrant faction's doom:
We raise the watch-word liberty;
...We will, we will, we will be free!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Desire and Sacrifice

"There's a lion in the road, there's a demon escaped,

There's a million dreams gone,

there's a landscape being raped ..."

"Horseplay and disease is killing me by degrees

while the law looks the other way."

"The truth was obscure, too profound and too pure,

to live it you had to explode.

"In that last hour of need, we entirely agreed,

sacrifice was the code of the road.

I left town at dawn, with Marcel and St. John,

strong men belittled by doubt."
(Bob Dylan)

People get addicted to what makes them happy (gives them a thrill, buzz or they think it makes them happy not knowing an alternative): despots, social workers, heroin addicts, alcoholics, do-gooders, sadists, masochists, paedophiles, political idealists, anti-socials, etc, etc.

Stopped by

Self-sacrifice (Jesus Christ)
Deterrents (violence, intimidation, hubris etc.)
Voted Out


When Cuthman came to Steyning, the South Saxons were in conflict with other tribes of Saxons especially the West Saxons

Local Kings would have to submit (sacrifice) to higher authorities. This might be by force, weight of numbers, but not necessarily the truth, justice, idealism, rationality, fair play. This is the Christian way. It may make for harmony, but not for truth or justice. This is real politik. It might have more to do with property rights, honour, pride (hubris), charisma, convenience.