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Ratman leaves in Wolfman's Disguise

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - A Critical Review and Practical Guide (C & H) (Paperback)by Rowan Bayne (Author)

The false self in this book (page 63) is described as an absence of the natural (i.e preferred) psychological type. Therefore, if someone is in the wrong job or suppressed by rigid guardians, or poverty, lack of opportunity, a whole life style will be impaired to the dissatisfaction of everybody. "Makes them into inferior* frustrated copies of other people."(* the opposite or inferior mode) Trauma and distress may be underlying and masked and only revealed by intimidation, shock, etc. So the decision the management would have to make is who is in the wrong job, between two adversaries, by examining all the evidence, not doing what is most convenient.
Andy (Human Resources)

And the Ratman leaves in the Wolfman disguise
The training school teaches the overall picture and suppresses thinking.

But if you are in the wrong school/job?
The original poem said Rainman and I always thought it should be Trainman.


The scientific basis of the MBTI has been questioned.
Neither Katharine Cook Briggs nor Isabel Briggs Myers had any scientific qualifications in the field of psychometric testing.[2] Furthermore, Carl Jung's theory of psychological type, which the MBTI attempts to operationalize, is not based on any scientific studies. Jung's methods primarily included introspection and anecdote, methods largely rejected by the modern field of psychology.[18] However, extensive subsequent studies using the MBTI assessment have shown increasing reliability and validity over the last 50 years of use and research.[citation needed] The statistical validity of the MBTI as a psychometric instrument has also been subject to criticism, in particular, the dichotomous scoring of dimensions.
(The Hawk)


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Ratman has now been reclassified as the Administrator Bully taking orders from above and forcing through the administration.