Thursday, 26 June 2008

Downside of Boosting

Rationals NT: Ingenious, Autonomous, Resolute
Artisans SP: Artistic, Audacious, Adaptable
Guardians SJ: Dependable, Beneficent, Respectable
Idealists NF: Empathic, Benevolent, Authentic.

The Down side of Boosting

He could be ingenious but completely wrong, or even worse out of step with vested interests
He could be autonomous but an elitist tyrant and a bully who discriminates against the less bright sparks as dullard worthless pawns
He could be resolute but pursuing a wicked agenda

She could be artistic but malignant narcissant, self important and disdainful
She could be audacious, but reckless to the welfare of themselves and others
She could be adaptable, following the villainous ways of the boss

He could be depended upon to follow the dictates of the brutal meglomaniac
He could be beneficient to dispense the resources to his chosen friends
He could be respected for being 'beyond the pale' behaviour-wise

She could have feelings for the bandit (revolutionary) or land thief
She could support the cause of the enemy religion
She could be authetic but out of step with the current fashions and political policy

Who is the judge and the jury?

Is it the self-appointed Bully (ENTJ). The Rational thinker who feels compelled to assume the role of leadership because he knows best?

Or is it the Wolf (ENFJ) who is blessed with "charisma" and is disdainful of people who will not guard and support the stagnant pool?

Or is it the Hawk (INTJ) who belongs to the elitist think tank and has no experience of the lot of the common people.

Or is the Rat (ESTJ) who has learnt the rule book off to a tee?

Or is it the Unicorn (ESFJ variant) who has seen God and all has been revealed?

To the Guardian, to help is to direct, to an Idealist, to help is to provide information and resources.

The Dragon (INFP) asks a question or the Snake (ENTP) suggests and alternative method, and the Bully (ENTJ) calls in the military wing to eliminate the obnoxious objector.

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