Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Changing of the Guards
After The Invasion

The rules have completely changed. You are in a land where there their is no baseline for your intuition. Under the new slavery regime, nothing you know (intuit) means anything any more. You have been brainwashed and a new truth is being fed to you.

Your personality is forced to change:

> ENFJ: "Teacher" = WOLF > ESFJ: "Seller" = HORSE
> ENFP: "Journalist" = FERRET > ESFP: "Entertainer" = BUTTERFLY
> ENTJ: "Field Marshall" = BULL > ESTJ: "Administrator" = RAT
> ENTP: "Inventor" = SNAKE > ESTP: "Promoter" = TIGER
> INFJ: "Author" = SKYLARK > ISFJ: "Conservator" = MOUSE
> INFP: "Questor = DRAGON > ISFP: "Artist" = CAT
> INTJ: "Scientist" = HAWK > ISTJ: "Trustee" = DOG
> INTP: "Architect" = EAGLE > ISTP: "Artisan" = BEAR


The moral is do not go too far from home, or else you will lose your bearings and become diminished. This is Erewhon.
The distress gain factor for feeling lost in a strange place is Freedom of Choice.



Perseus said...

Sensor or iNtuitive

This category deals with how we prefer to gather information about the world. As the name implies, sensors prefer to use their five senses to gather information. Sensors are quite literal, preferring facts and details to interpretations. If a hard-core sensor asks what time it is, he or she expects to hear "11:07 a.m.," and not "a little after 11" or "about 11." About 70 percent of Americans are sensors. For iNtuitives, on the other hand, everything is relative. They aren't late unless the meeting has started without them. iNtuitives look at the grand scheme of things, trying to translate bits of information, through intuition, into possibilities, meanings, and relationships. Details and specifics irritate iNtuitives.

iNtuitives see the forest; sensors see the trees. When working with sensors or iNtuitives, it is important to remember these differences. Sensors prefer to learn through sequential facts; iNtuitives through random leaps. The task- "Please sort through these surveys" - means something entirely different to sensors and iNtuitives.


Perseus said...

This is the enigma in the Personality Types. Therefore, under the new regime, people will relate to you as "totally foreign in nearly every facet"



It should be enough to drive you MAD!

Perseus said...

Why does this occur?

It is because strangers in power like the Wolves (Teachers), Bullies (Managers), Tigers (Managers) and Rats (Administrators) cannot tell a Dragon from a Cat or Eagle from a Bear. They just have not had the experience in three cases, but the Bull may have had the experience but chooses to discount it for a reason not actually known to me.

This all leads to Erewhon and madness.

It is even worse than this because the Managers may think that the Bear is dangerous and intimidate and attack the Eagle because of a mistaken identity. Or to cynically to protect their vested interests against a perceived threat.

It is even worse if they encounter a Snake!

> ENFJ: "Teacher" = WOLF 5% Educating [Givers]
> ENTJ: "Field Marshall" = BULL 5% Mobilizing [Executives]
> ESTJ: "Administrator" = RAT 13% Enforcing [Guardians]
> ESTP: "Promoter" = TIGER 13% Persuading [Doers]

> INFP: "Questor = DRAGON 1.25% (Males 0.6%) Conciliating (Healer)
> ISFP: "Artist" = CAT 5% Synthesizing (part of Composing)
> INTP: "Architect" = EAGLE 1% Designing
> ISTP: "Artisan" = BEAR 5% Instrumenting [Mechanics]

> ENTP: "Inventor" = SNAKE 5% Devising [Visionaries]

Perseus said...

The SKYLARK can see the danger in a BEAR, whereas the EAGLE and DRAGON fail to discern this, although the EAGLE may be wary.

But the SKYLARK could be CHICKEN (the MOUSE), so the EAGLE never really knows for sure.

Perseus said...

Some of the animal names have been changed