Monday, 23 June 2008

Black Hawk (INTJ)


Helicoptering: parents hover their offspring and ensure they get a good start in life by using the family influence to get their son or daughter a good job, cf. nepotism

Blackhawking: as above, but using dirty tricks to blacken the name of the genuine candidate for the job, so that their less able son or daughter gets it.

(n) : the favoring of relatives or personal friends because of their relationship rather than because of their abilities
"nepotism can get you very far in the world if you've got the right connections."

Variations are used in colonial invasions and by criminal gangs to eliminate rivals.


INTJs tend to blame misunderstandings on the limitations of the other party, rather than on their own difficulty in expressing themselves. This tendency may cause the INTJ to dismiss others input too quickly, and to become generally arrogant and elitist.


Perseus said...

Black (Sparrow-) Hawk (Sauk Indian chief)

Perseus said...

They say it is not what you know, but who you know!

Got to get networking and make connections.

But the spell may wear off.

Didn't I rise above it all for you,
The most unfortunate circumstances?

Well, I have had some rotten nights,
Didn't think that they would pass.
I'm just thankful and grateful
To be seeing the real you at last.

Perseus said...

Here is the correct response a college adviser should give when asked to comment on this urban myth: "We sometimes encounter what you might call a helicopter parent, but we are actually more concerned about getting parents involved. That's what most students want and what they actually need. We're less concerned about the helicopters and more concerned about students who come to us without a parachute."