Saturday, 21 June 2008

Animal Farm Revisited

Animal Farm Revisited
Murder Incorporated


The Weasel (alias a Ferret) who writes the false script
The Bull who is commander of the team, advocate of the script (he even calls it his own)
The Wolf who teaches the false script
The flock of Mice who believe the script (procedures dictated by handbooks are law)
The Rats who administer the script
The Horses that sell the script
The Dogs that chase and hassle the dissenters from the script
The Butterflies who entertain with the false script
The Snake, the Dragon, the Eagle, the Skylark, all have their own agenda and don't care. And all the Rodents, Bears and Butterflies who are not aligned.
But the Snakes and Dragons are serpents are all excluded. Should they attempt to join they will be hunted down by all the animals, mostly Wolves and Dogs.
But the Eagle soars above everything. He cannot join in the fray and becomes vulnerable when down to earth, slithering and sliding down by the lake .....

The Doc
Lousy Wednesday

Fauna is in the Bear Flag Cafe and she thinks she knows best.


Perseus said...

Bears and Snakes get on OK, but they should be mistaken for one another. They are not the same.

Perseus said...

Bears and Dragons of the same gender do not mix though and their is a similarity between Snakes and Dragons.

Perseus said...

Bull ENTJ has been revised to griffin

Rat ESTJ has been revised to Bull