Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Merchants and Thieves

It is a session musician and a cover version troubadour playing at the Farmer's Market.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Cougars and Jailbait

Depends on type. Cougars are always ESTP (or ISFP pretending). Only baby Bears ISTP (usual jailbait) are OK for me. Grown up Bears are too grizzly. Mustang Sally is ESFJ.

Shepherd's Bush

Role playing is for middle of the road types. Both Low Life S and High Brow N distain such activity. Only ESFP and ISFP are experts at it. ESTP, ISTP, ENTP, INTP will tend to do for rewards. ISTP is the Shepherd's Bush Syndrome (London argot).

Friday, 23 October 2009

Dialogue: from the Sheriff

A person who has naught is therefore naughty and must be punished for it.

Sheriff of Nottingham (England 2009)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Proteus was a badly behaved, bashed up, and ill-formed child, who grew up to be a villain. Lucky for him he could change shape*. Such are the fruits of Neptune.

(*This ability may be over-rated? His default form was a Bull Seal, stressed out variant of ESTJ, I assume)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Solution Based Therapy

Solution focused brief therapy (SFBT), often referred to as simply 'solution focused therapy' or 'brief therapy', is a type of talking therapy that is based upon social constructionist philosophy. It focuses on what clients want to achieve through therapy rather than on the problem(s) that made them to seek help. The approach does not focus on the past, but instead, focuses on the present and future. The therapist/counselor uses respectful curiosity to invite the client to envision their preferred future and then therapist and client start attending to any moves towards it whether these are small increments or large changes. To support this, questions are asked about the client’s story, strengths and resources, and about exceptions to the problem.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


If the Eagle INTP is not passive (i.e. INTP, not ENTP Sidewinder) he will spook the Horsemen ESFJ with possible dire (ENTJ siding with the Guards SJ) results, or even fatal if the Adversary is a Unicorn JSEF. Even a cognitive shift or an outright deception (3rd shadow) will not be guaranteed to work.

Passive-aggressive is not a disorder it is a cognitive MO. Millon is a Fraud.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Mausoleum UK

Mausoleum UK
The different types of INTP have different career choices.

I am a PNIT and the choices are

Literary Inventor (or something like that) This is about what I actually do (or did) but the jobs are few and far between and often unappreciated by the payers.
Ice Cream Vendor (or I suppose vendor for anything the public wants and is not too competitive)

Actually: Literary Stuntman, which might mean Literary Dwarf.

Actually = self actualisation (not a superfluous word)

My job (not well paid) is near the first one.

I will have to go out of my type to get work that pays enough in England. There is too much competition for the available jobs.

The NT types have a greater work choice.

I am frustrated. I can't get enough dosh. Not only that I have political opponents on the literary level from the Bombadiers who would burn all the books and lock up the scientists who might want to tell the truth, i.e. the Big Cats ESTP are building a Mausoleum UK

If you have financial backing and the right partner, a proprieter of a museum, public house, education facility would be a very good choice. This is ENTP mode at times, but it is very difficult because the Great British Public are bloody awkward. So are the financial backers who want a return for their investment and don't like risky enterprises. Most of the public will not appreciate what they get and just moan and some of them will be a nuisance.

Another choice is Librarian. It is a bit of a cop out, for retirement

Friday, 16 October 2009

Self actualization

[quote=Harley;156200]Some type descriptions are unbelievably biased and stereotypical not to mention they commonly ascribe personal preferences and taste as part of personality. If you can dig through the fluff describtors and really study MBTI properly you can find some value in it. But it should not neccessarily be the end of self-actualization. Not to mention MBTI holds of no value if you are just going to use it to dictate your life in terms of work/love life/who you should socialize with etc.[/quote]

Actually, I never think about self actualization and I thought this was a trait of ENFPs?

In Perseus theory it should be a trait of NFs.

Who is going to bring about this actualisation? The alcoholic woman married a publican, drank herself to death and sent the pub into bankruptcy.

Is the film director a pimp? See Ben Elton's "Popcorn"?

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hormones and Ovulation

'Results of a recent study suggest that the birth control pill may alter the type of men women seek for in a partner.

Published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, the research article titled "Does the Contraceptive Pill Alter Mate Choice In Humans" focuses on secondary effects of 40 years of widespread usage of the birth control pill, and finds that by altering hormonal cycles, the pill might have an effect on women's choice of mates.

According to Dr. Alexandra Alvergne and Dr. Virpi Lummaa of the University of Sheffield, co-authors of the study, women who are ovulating prefer men who are more masculine and "more genetically unrelated, while women who are not ovulating prefer guys who are more feminine and genetically more similar. Since the pill contains synthetic versions of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone which supress ovulation, women who take the pill might be less likely to be attracted to masculine men.

On the other hand, men, given a choice, will gravitate towards an ovulating female rather than a non-ovulating female. This coincides with the results of previous studies which showed that women are more attractive to men around the time of ovulation. Past studies have also shown that women's tastes in men change depending on the time of the month they are in related to their menstrual cycle. '

Dialogue: Plans

But even best laid plans ...


Beware of Meteorites or anything coming down (it could be grave) from unforseen places and landing on yer bonce.

I was not responsible for my situation. I never would have guessed that wanted to run me over because I was in their way. I just happened to be there, that is all!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sexual v. Partner Attraction

[QUOTE=ModenaNougat;1225320]This is a question for everyone on the board, but, I being female, am particularly interested in heterosexual mens opinions on this subject. There are different ways one can be attracted to another.

What would you say the difference between attraction of a raw, sexual nature is towards women, and an attraction towards a woman that is more on the side of partnering, say, what you would look for in a "mate", "girlfriend", "wife" if you will. (assuming of course there is a difference, but I think there is)[/QUOTE]

Marriage Attraction: Beside Another

Fascist Sexual Attraction: On top of the Enemy Anima/Animus

Friday, 9 October 2009

Yeti was not Spanked enough in her Childhood

Yeti was not Spanked enough in her Childhood

Benny Fish-head SFJ or the Abominable Snowman devised a plan to benefit his family/gang by sacrificing virgins to the Snow Leopard ESTP and when the tourists complained, selling or hiring out the virgins to their foreign rescuers.

Benny Volent NTJ got to hear about this and the Wolfman Boss ENTJ sent out the Dog Soldiers ISTJ to investigate. They got him on failing to pay the Death Duties on the Air Burials when he threw his elderly relatives off the mountains whilst still alive.

The moral of this story is that NTJ only care about the community at large and not the individuals comprising it. The Commander will torture his subjects for not toeing the party line.
You want to elect as Boss a NFJ who is both benevolent and beneficient with a rational partner.

Tony Blair is an Idealist ENFJ and Cherie Blair INTJ (possibly INTP?) Gordon Brown is ENTJ. Sarah Brown is a INFJ ?

These would both be best marriage matches under the Perseus System.

On the Perseus System the Best Advisor for Tony Blair would be an ENTP Visionary and the Best Advisor for Gordon Brown would be a Journalist ENFP.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Code of Hammurabi (extract)

The Code of Hammurabi (18th century BC short chronology) prescribes that

If a man has put a spell upon another man and it is not justified, he upon whom the spell is laid shall go to the holy river; into the holy river shall he plunge. If the holy river overcome him and he is drowned, the man who put the spell upon him shall take possession of his house. If the holy river declares him innocent and he remains unharmed the man who laid the spell shall be put to death. He that plunged into the river shall take possession of the house of him who laid the spell upon him.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


[quote=Deagalman;153849]I use logic creatively and I think INTP's use it strictly. But I could have this backwards. Can I get some Ti clarification on this?[/quote]

Logic is a series of syllogisms: it cannot be used creatively, unless you are describing the arrangement or composition as expansionist rather than reductionist.

So the difference is between

Reductionist = Amazing TJ
Expansionist = Creative TP

Monday, 5 October 2009


Originally Posted by jetboots View Post
As an INTP, I hate acting to someone’s liking. This includes waitering, playing in some show, fake smiling, fake anything. I think we are mostly in agreement over this.

However, as "chameleons" we are pseudo actors in a different sense; I think it is safe to say that we can be masters of improvisational one-on-one acting, as well as situation improvisation. But by using our inner chameleon, we are not really faking or acting, just really using a certain part of (very general) selves. There are certain things that require excessive use of certain parts of us, at which point I think it can become “faking�. Basically, while being a chameleon is useful, acting is more deceitful.

Personally compared to the average person I am able to see right through most “fakers�, or people who are able to fake for long periods at a time, which is why statistically I never find the actor types (or anyone else you can really get into a “role�) attracted to me(cause they know it) - nor I to them. Exceptions of course are always present like with everything, but it is statistically true that I don’t bond well with these types of people (sorry for the stereotype if it offends anyone).

On a side note, even if I was in a play, I can’t memorize anything word for word, so id be pretty useless – unless maybe it was an improvisation act. But really I cant be bothered

Do any of you enjoy waitering? Any comments on "chameleonism vs. acting"? Anyone like acting in plays?

An Eagle INTP moving down to the feeding grounds has to develop strategies for his morph-change. I use a Turtle and hide inside my shell, sticking my neck out at great risk. If I was shell-less like a Chameleon I would wear a multi-coloured coat and change its camouflage XNTP. Actors are usually Performers ESTP. They fly just like Butterflies or Dragonflies.

Just remember your lines (lies) and don't bump into the furniture.

What is your Deceitful shadow process. Using the perseus 384 system, I'm a PNIT and it would be Extroversion. But I could shape-shift to make it the Devilish Feeling.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

[QUOTE=Notsweetynice;826013]It is accepted that we are born with a temperament which quickly becomes a personality, one that will soon fall into an MBTI category. For most of us, certain functions just come naturally and others are more difficult; This is especially true for the more extreme personalities.

It is also accepted that as we age we begin to develop our inferior functions. Why this happens is a mystery, but the end result is what I consider a 'wise' person. These are older people who just exude a certain balance. They seem to have self actualized.

So, my question is that if we become too static in our MBTI, too proud and resistant to developing inferior functions, is that when we cease to develop? Do forums like this one which aim to build confidence actually stunt development?[/QUOTE]

By failing to move out of our comfort zone, do we become diminished like Tom Thumb and have to hitch a lift from the rest of society?

What do you think of the Myers-Briggs System?

What do you think of the Myers-Briggs System?

An ingenious illusion and waste of time (like Astrology)
An amazing aid to personal growth and social communications (distress relief)
A world view that is the truth (from all or most compass points)
A restricted world view that is for nerds and dorks and a few others
A helpful tool that is seriously flawed.
(MTBI only: Jung can be accepted)
A perennial world view for writers and poets

Friday, 2 October 2009


Gaia (pronounced /ˈɡeɪ.ə/ or /ˈɡaɪ.ə/; "land" or "earth", from the Ancient Greek Γαῖα; also Gæa or Gea (Koine and Modern Greek Γῆ)[1] is the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth.

Gaia is a primordial and chthonic deity in the Ancient Greek pantheon and considered a Mother Goddess or Great Goddess.

Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra Mater.

Shell Shock for the Jet Pilot

[quote=kph5034;87666]I can def tell why they call us "male feminists." I get along with women much better than I do with men, I just don't like the assumptions of my sexuality. Almost every girl I'm close to knows that I'm not gay, but I can't help but sense that many of the guys that have known me for a while think I'm gay. This is usually due to the fact that I can talk to people on a deep personal level and I guess it's not socially normal for a guy to be able to be like me. I don't come off really gay or anything, like I said it's only the people that know me really well because I don't come off gay at all until you see how I handle the way I talk to people, especially women. Anyways, I was just wondering if any other straight male ENFPs have any thoughts or advice on being a "male feminist"[/quote]

Stay clear of the Bomabadiers (men and women). This is is Critical Stress. Beware!

Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb is a traditional hero in English folklore who is no bigger than his father's thumb.

Various allusions to Tom Thumb are included in sixteenth century works; in his Discovery of Witchcraft, Reginald Scot includes Tom Thumbe in a list of folkloric creatures such as witches and satyrs that nursemaids told their charges about until the children were frightened of their own shadows.[1]

Sweet Melinda
The peasants call her the goddess of gloom
She speaks good English
And she invites you up into her room
And you're so kind
And careful not to go to her too soon
And she takes your voice
And leaves you howling at the moon


The girl's name Melinda \m(e)-lin-
nda\ is pronounced ma-LIN-dah. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "sweet". Modern name coined in the 18th century from the word "melitus".

Planetary Allocations

Planetary Allocations

Terran Empire

Mercury SFJ Earth
Venus SFP Air
Gaia STP Water
Mars STJ Fire

Jovian Planets

Jupiter NTJ Fire
Saturn NFJ Earth
Uranus NFP Air
Neptune NTP Water

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Rational Thinking: Notes for Discussion

[quote=Tlatoani;147590]As I see it Ti is a filter for the information we receive, Ti takes the idea or information and analyzes it with skepticism comparing it with what we already know is truth so that we see if the new information fits the framework or not, it also analyzes it with pure logic, finding if the new idea/information contradicts itself or contradicts another axiom of logic.

But when a self proclaimed INTP is too stupid(lacking the intelligence to apply logic) or too ignorant (not having the means to compare the new information with previous known knowledge) to analyze something properly, then it's as if he didn't have Ti in the first place.

He may receive the information and accept it without doubting it for a second eliminating the purpose of Ti as a filter.

Then it doesn't matter if someone has the tendency to analyze everything, if there's no intelligence and knowledge, Ti doesn't work.

That's why Intelligence and Knowledge is a requirement for INTPs and no INTP can exist without it.[/quote]

Very ingenious. Very INTJ. The Perseus 384 System does not demand that Thinking be the leading for process for INTPs. It may be so in practice, but this may not be true to type.

The above explanation does not explain the delay in processing information that the INTP often experiences. This I call the "adsorb to manifesto" delay as some input may not fit in the current manifest (called truth in the above message).

Perseus also correlates Thinking with the IQ Test, rather the basic type T allocation indicates the potential for thinking.
The Perseus system also equates Inutition with Knowledge or the potential to acquire knowledge.

My personality is a definite INTP or PNIT rather, but NT is not the leading process. I am either NP Questor or NP Psychedelic by natural type. Job roles may demand different behaviour.

The INTJ (NT leader) uses the "amazing" reductive method. He is not a TP Projector.

Blowing Their Minds

TN is the Theorist

MBTI is one theory. The Perseus 384 System is another. I am stopping my theory and moving out into the real world.

In the real world the letters can be rearranged according to your personal cognitive ability to shape-shift and to become a player other than your true self (if you care to do so?). Another point to bear in mind, in the real world of relationships, business dealings, violence and warfare, the letters are not calculated to a statistical norm but in the context of your social environment in relation to the attributes of the Others.

In the high brow intellectual, business and political T (thinking) world, the general public may seem like (Feeling) IDiots, fornicating and gambling (throwing money away) and Blowing Their Minds.

Seven Chakras

Think of the seven conditions of Man

Off his Box: Transcendation
Head Case: Meeting of Minds
Verbal Diarrhoea: Conversatioon
Running Man: Athletic Type
Glutton: Good Times in a Restaurant
Dickhead: Making Babies
Hooligan: Kick his Head In