Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Mouse that Roared

My surmise is that Tim Field is probably of the ISFJ Mouse (Guardian) personality

There are a few problems with this personality

1) they can cry intimidation when no intended intimidation occurs. The other is just being himself.
2) in their extrovert form they are very manipulative ESFJ Horse (Guardian) personality.
3) they suffer greatly when they identify opponents to their agenda.
4) they do not understand the motives and behaviour of other personalities, especially Snakes.
5) they see threats to their position, which may or may not be real. They cry intimidation as a self defence mechanism maybe even before the predator knows they exist.

This is not to deny his acquired knowledge of the malicious dirty tricks employed by other people as part of their agenda. However, it does seem to be the province of the SJ Guardian personalities. This character types are numerous, at least 26% of the population, but when they get annoyed at other types it can be very perplexing and incomprehensible to their targets.

This is relevant to anti-bullying policies which should (my opinion) concentrate not so much on personalities, but on the rights of workers, contracts of employment, police investigation into lawbreakers, remedies for defamation, and human resources to match people to their suitable jobs, planning processes so the jobs are in the right locations.



Perseus said...

Distress is in the brain of the beholder. The Bully or Guardian may not intend malice but the target is noentheless distressed.

Perseus said...

The BullyOnline forum was formed in 2000 by the late Dr Tim Field, sharing his unique and extensive experience of casework, his UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line, and web site

Bully OnLine

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