Saturday, 21 June 2008

Hunted all around from the Altai to the Gobi Desert

Hunted all around from the Altai to the Gobi Desert, I thought I would fight back at my accusers (Horsemen and Reprobate Dogs) and ask them a few questions to see how they like it?

"Seven Steps to Satan" Interview

1) What alphabetical letter follows the sequence: R O Y G B I ?
2) Are you Gay?
3) Can Leopards Change their Spots?
4) What is the first Vegetable you think of?
5) Does God exist?
6) Would you expect your new clients to be courteous or respectful?
7) What painting (s) would you hang on your office wall?

My design portfolio of the interview questions. It is only designed to get rid of the chaotics and separate the Ferrets from the Weasels.

I am going to make natural salami out of the dead meat from the rival firm.

The New Boss from Arcana.

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