Saturday, 28 February 2009

How do you fall in Love ?

How do you fall in Love?

Head to Heart
Feelings to Heart
Perception to Heart
Judgement to Heart
Intuition to Heart
Sensing to Heart

Friday, 27 February 2009

Chapter 51 More Dialogue Ideas

I have penned you as a Skylark (INFJ) and as such you are strongly advised to avoid the independent Cats (ISFP) even more than me. The Skylark likes fooling around but the Cats are seriously independently searching for a comfortable home and are unfaithful to bag. Cats are attracted to the Wolfman (ENTJ).

A Cat that gets hitched up with a Bully (ESTJ) can be sadistic and a Wolf can regress to Bully status. If a Cat is with a Bully and is not showing sadistic but sleepy attitudes, there is a lot of Dragon (INFP) in her.

The Eagle (INTP) does not see eye to eye with the Cat and is not really concerned. Sometimes, Eagles can get on with Dragons though. A Snake (ENTP) is not safe in the Wolves den or in a Tiger's (ESTP) domain. A Snake may be really damaged by a Mongoose (ENFP).

This goes if the Skylark finds an attached Cat (and they usually have a notional owner) or a Snake finds an attached Mongoose. A Mongoose is more faithful, just liable to a wandering eye.

A Skylark can stress out to Beaver (ENFJ) and a Snake can transform to Eagle (INTP) for an unsatisfactory resolution. Beavers work too hard and Eagles are lonely.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Perception to Heart

Rationals (NT) operate in finding mates and friends on the Head (Thinking) to Heart basis. Psychedelics (NP) work on the Perception to Heart basis. Although with a high Intuition I can work on Intuition to Heart, but this is in the extrovert mode and this can depend on the environment (found by experience).

Even the Wolf Lady (ENTJ) is very dangerous because of her low Perception (and crazy conventions) and the Bully (ESTJ) is a horror story (could end in murder very quickly). This can be remedied by high Thinking. The Teacher (ENFJ) is an adversary and the Butterfly (ESFJ) is Rainy Day.

Psychedelic NP Personality Forum
Introvert 8 Intuitive 10 Thinker 7 Perception 11

Psychedelic (NP) Frequencies

Psychedelic (NP) Frequencies

The personality test percentages are skewed I think because some of the commoner types (ISTJ) refuse to take the tests.

INTP are variously described between 3% and 1%. About one in 20 are NPs. ENTP, ENFP, INFP as well. So the % is between 0.6% and 0.2%. Even then the Perception score is likely to be lower around the 9 mark. Mine is 11/12. so the odds are more likely 1 in 5 of NPs have this high a perception score, or I fall into the 0.04% category or one in 2,500. There is a problem finding compatible or like-minded people. And nobody can help because the perception is incomprehensible to the Others.

Psychedelic NP Personality Forum
Introvert 8 Intuitive 10 Thinker 7 Perception 11

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Chapter 50

The Litmus (Test) House burns to the ground.

Lemons and Sourpuss. I have not worked out the position of the Lemons yet. And where do Dykes fit in?

Dialogue: Ambulance, cross your fingers until you see a four legged animal.

Monday, 23 February 2009

I'm painting my room in a colourful way

I'm painting my room in a colourful way,
and when my mind is wandering

there I will go
And it really doesn't matter if I'm wrong I'm right
where I belong I'm right where I belong
Silly people run around they worry me
and never ask me why they don't get past my door

Dog called Blue

I had an old dog and his name was Blue
I had me a dog and his name was Blue
Well I had an old dog and his name was Blue
I'll betcha five dollars he's a good one too

Singing "Ya-ho Blue, you good dog you"
Well, Old Blue's feet was big and round
Old Blue's feet was big and round
Old Blue's feet was big and round
He never 'lowed a possum to touch the ground
Well he treed a possum in a hollow log
You could tell from that he was a good old dog

I said "Ya-ho Blue, you good dog you"
I'll take my axe and I'll take my horn
And get me a possum in the new-grown corn.
Well Old Blue barked and I went to see
And he had a possum up in a tree
Well the possum crawled out on the limb
Blue barked, the possum, possum growled at him

Singing "Ya-ho Blue, you good dog you"

Well Blue what makes your eyes so red
Blue what makes your eyes so red
Blue what makes your eyes so red
You run that possum till you're almost dead
Singing "Ya-ho Blue, you good dog you"

Chapter 49

Queen Bee (+ Primrose unseen) & Carrothead (in the purple), Nasty and the Psi Cop agents (Dustbin men).

Queen B later revised to a Possom. The Panda wanted to swipe it one!

Heathen Chess Game

On this thread you can post your heathen games, ones that are not ecclesiastical, where all the Bishops are removed at an early stage. All Bishops must go before Move 20 to qualify.

Bishops out of the fray by move 13.

How would an Archbishop move? A combination of Bishop & Knight?

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Chapter 48: Beware of Leopards (Transitional)

Well, I see you got a new boyfriend
You know, I never seen him before
Well, I saw you makin' love with him
You forgot to close the garage door
You might think he loves you for your money
But I know what he really loves you for


Friday, 20 February 2009

Chapter 47 (Tangential Dialogue)

In a group of peope I may have difficulty in working out where emotions are coming from. Somebody who hates me may be masked. They may even be plotting against me (Camelheads ESFJ with a higher toxic T). Or it could be a wife who like me with an angry (ESFJ) husband. Danger. This will happen mostly in my extrovert (ENXP) Lizard (cf. Turtle INXP delightful) mode. Therefore, I become introverted for my own safety. Another serious problem is people who like me and I don't like them or want to be part of their world, especially Cats (ISFP). Or I might like them, but I don't trust them: Pony girls (ESFJ): they will sell all my possessions.
Freud is 80% fraud, all except the E for Ego
The difference between the Psi Cops (psychiatrists)
and the Psi Corps (psychologists) is the R for Relationship.
Introvert 8 Intuitive 10 Thinker 7 Perception 11
Paragon Scale 1-12

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Theatre of the Absurd

I am so strongly a NP that I do not fit into the Keirsey four types. I have terrible trouble with SFs, who I call the Crazies (or Absurdists). ESFJ (Horsemen or Pony girls), ISFJ (Mice), ESFP (Big Cats) & ISFP (Cats in the Cathouse) cause me terrible problems.

I mean I have less trouble with the Guards (SJ), but there are too many of them around. The ISTJ (Dogmatics) are troublesome and so are the ESTJ (Bullies).
The Fascists are Bullies and Pony Girls riding on the back of a Pride of Lions, with a Top Dog ranter in charge.

Chapter 46 (Tangential Dialogue) + Carrot

I don't want be writer, I wish I was plumber, listening for the sound of gurgling pipes.
Last seen up the downs divining for water under the umbrella of the Water Board.

She went on and on. Put a peg in it Hamster!

Carrot coloured hair gardener for the rich wants the local militia (guardener).

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Chapter 45

The Wolfman has gremlins in his computer. He is getting paranoid. Then he discovers (somebody told him) that his *** (heart: interior part of his computer) * had been invaded by a virus. The repairman won't come and he opens up the back of the computer and is bitten on the hand by a Krait, (for stealing ideas and not giving people credits).

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Resolving Conflicts

Hints for Resolving Conflicts: Hearing Them Out

Excerpted and Adapted from "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie and "Getting Past No" by William Ury.

Chapter 44

The Geese (gaggle of older women) don't like it!

Earliers: Agitation and the Rat (ISXJ) trap.

Tenderhooks (More Dialogue)

'Coz that's the way you look at the world,' she said
slithering in the grass down by the lake
'I can only hear your words, but I can feel the vibrations.'

He put his ear to the railway track
'I hear a train a-comin'
Druid Architect:
The ridgeway should take advantage of the natural contours of the land in all seasons.

Roman Architect:
It has got to be in a straight line from Londinium to Suthwic, otherwise it is a lie.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Father of Optics

Ibn al-Haytham (also known as Alhacen or Alhazen), the "father of optics", was the first to resolve this argument, by refining intromission theory into what is now the modern accepted theory of vision in his influential Book of Optics (1021). He argued that vision is due to light from objects entering the eye, and he developed an early scientific method emphasizing extensive experimentation in order to prove this. He pioneered the scientific study of the psychology of visual perception, being the first scientist to argue that vision occurs in the brain, rather than the eyes. He pointed out that personal experience has an effect on what people see and how they see, and that vision and perception are subjective.

Poofter the Magic Spider Crab (Dialogue)

Pulling the Bird (the Pull) Hawk, Eagle, Skylark
Puffter the hermaphrodite Spider Crab, cf. Puff the Magic Dragon, the Freudian Shield (Children of the Damned).
No Bears in Australia (Barbecues and Picnics)
May Dance (Lisa)
The Organised Miss (Missing the Bus)
Never had a chance (opportunities)
Helpless (without help from others, own resources only) the lonesome frontier trapper.

Fainting scene: (Pemoline blue pills: Black Mamba)
Match: not very popular amongst the Geese (Gander).

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Clas Brython

Clas Brython is the public area of a group working within the Brythonic Tradition who have come to be known simply as 'Brython'.

Caer Feddwyd

Recommended from
Anderida Gorsedd

Identity Card

Perseus (Official Identity Card if the Druids throw the Romans out)

I actually arrived in a Shooting Star meteor storm from the constellation Perseus in the last quarter of the year. It was written in the stars that Perseus killed Medusa the Gorgon and later rescued and married Andromeda. Therefore, I am a Greek, not a Druid at all. Sorry.

However, in the dreamtime (modern animism) I am a Golden Eagle (INTP) morph-shifting to Phoenix (XNXP) from Neptune but I am quite an adept shape-shifter when my energy levels are OK to my earlier Dragon (INFP), probably a Marzipan type) incarnation (living at Thundersbarrow) and to Snakes (ENTP) to spook the Horsemen or Atrebates (ESFJ). Altogether as a Psychedelic personality type (NP), I am not fond of the Guards (SJ) and the Crazies (SF). This is probably more Druid style, but I am not trained in the ancient religion.

My most accurate (first) reading on the Paragon scale (1-12) was
Introvert 8
Intuitive 10
Thinker 7
Perception 11

My Apotropaic is a large green plastic Turtle (INXP).

Perseus has not adopted a Tolkien style D & D character, but in my previous incarnation as Glaucus (the fishermen changed into a God after eating a magic herb) I was probably a Nereid Elf.

My Political Compass position is in the Green.
cf. UK Political

I reside in the land conquered by the South Saxons, but my heritage is Cantium (Roman spelling). My DNA has not been tested but I suspect I am second wave (Ukrainian refuge). Possibly descended from German immigrants but with Bryonthic stock.

My blog can be found at:

Psychedelic NP Personality Forum


My current watering hole is the Ship at the end of the Twitten in Suthwic, but I come from Soresham (Norman scribe spelling).

Religious affiliation: Henotheism
Self image: Authentic (main type characteristic of the Idealist)

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Adsorb or Absorb

adsorb dsb v. L19. [Back-form. f. next.] Chem. 1 v.t. Collect (a substance) by adsorption. L19. 2 v.i. Undergo adsorption (on, on to, to, a surface). E20.adsorbability n. the degree to which a substance is adsorbable E20. adsorbable a. able to be adsorbed E20. adsorbate n. an adsorbed substance E20. adsorbent n. a substance on which adsorption occurs E20

absorb bzb, -sb v.t. Pa. pple absorbed, (arch.) absorpt -pt . LME. [(O)Fr. absorber or L absorbere, f. ab AB- + sorbere suck in.] 1 Include or take (a thing) in so that it no longer has separate existence; incorporate. LME. 2 Of water, mire, etc.: engulf. L15-L18. 3 Suck or drink in. E17. 4 Take up (a substance, energy, etc.) by chemical or physical action; gain energy from and reduce the intensity of (light or other radiation, sound, etc.). E18. 5 Engross (a person, a person's attention, etc.). L18. 6 Occupy or consume (time). M19. 7 Assimilate mentally. L19.
Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

a thorn in one's side or flesh a source of irritation: he was sufficiently bright at school to become a thorn in the side of his maths teacher [Old English]

The runic letter รพ originally representing either sound of the Modern English th, as in the and thin, used in Old English and Middle English manuscripts.

Thorn in the Lion's paw - Aesop

The Apostle Paul's - Thorn in the Flesh

John the Evangelist describes it thus (KJV, ch. 19):
"Then Pilate therefore took Jesus, and scourged him. And the soldiers plaited a crown of thorns, and put it on his head, and they put on him a purple robe .....


Saturday, 7 February 2009


Now the beach is deserted except for some kelp
And a piece of an old ship that lies on the shore
You always responded when I needed your help
You gimme a map and a key to your door.
Sara, Sara
Glamorous nymph with an arrow and bow
Sara, Sara
Don't ever leave me, don't ever go.

Depression, Madness, Burnt to Cinders

Discussion item, with depression and madness being unable to get burnt to cinders (Cinder Path) in the dream world, and the same with excessive drinking. Imagination is associated at the depressive end of the scale. The hard nut hoodlum does not get depressed. (Not very well phrased: a memory prompt.)

Elip Tilicum

Elip Tilicum, the elder or sorcerer in the tribe.

My divining (for the Avatar) would be test methods, perhaps using the Paragon test for the first guide to Animal-type or mythological character, then the Political Compass for the colour, darkness or light. Write-type could supplement. Typology prayers may be more indicative.

Chapter 42: Cat Weasels, Turtles etc.

The ISFP (Cat) is close to the ENFP (Ferret) so the XXFP might be the Cat Weasel or something along those lines.

Dragons (INFP) do not fly very often, which is understandable as their wateringhole ENFP is a Ferret and that has four legs. Many of the Dragon-likes could be XNFP Turtles or Crocodiles or Komodo Dragons which do not actually fly at all, or the Wyrm (but that is more like an ENTP).

For the Book:

The Catwoman and later the Mouse (ISFJ) was meant to be an olive branch. Both were rejected out of hand, and in any case the Snake (ENTP) is deaf. Fir the Cat and Mouse are incompatible with the Eagle.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Hawks & Doves

In the Perseus system of Modern Animism, Hawks (INTJ) and Doves (INXJ) are actually very close. The Dove is the messenger.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Linda Gottfredson (IQ Tests)

Linda Gottfredson

see the diagram for IQ assessments for hands-on learning, written materials and gathering own information.

Of special interest to writers gauging the audience and readers.
The race statistics are not important in my book.

Mass Mind Control

HITLER and Mussolini both had the ability to bend millions of people to their fascist will. Now evidence from psychology and neurology is emerging to explain how tactics like organised marching and propaganda can work to exert mass mind control.

Scott Wiltermuth of Stanford University in California and colleagues have found that activities performed in unison, such as marching or dancing, increase loyalty to the group. "It makes us feel as though we're part of a larger entity, so we see the group's welfare as being as important as our own," he says.

New Scientist

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Jungian Function Theory

Jungian Function Theory

The Sixteen Myers-Briggs Types

ENFJ - Sage ENTJ - Leader ESTJ - Enforcer ESTP - Adventurer
ENFP - Visionary ENTP - Innovator ESFJ - Helper ESFP - Joker
INFJ - Mystic INTJ - Free-Thinker ISTJ - Reliant ISTP -Realist
INFP - Dreamer INTP - Wizard ISFJ - Nurturer ISFP - Aesthete

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Psychedelic Personality Forum

Psychedelic Personality Forum

Using the Jungian four letter system, Keirsey or Myers-Briggs, Quenk etc, this is a group for iNTuitive Perceivers, who score highly on this two types, and are the opposite of Guardians SJ. Could be ENTP, INTP, ENFP, INFP. Excludes Scientists NJ.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Perseus Supplementary System

Perseus Supplementary System


Psychedelic (NP) Creative, Vulnerable
Scientist (NJ) Directive
Absurdist (ST) Manipulative
Irrational (SF) Violent

Main reference:

Keirsey Personality Types

Snow and Fur-lined Boots

I woke up this morning to find the heaviest fall of snow this millennium in southern England. Looking for my fur-lined boots right now.


From the position of a Psychedelic NP extremist (Mad) the Temperament Matrix looks slightly skewed.

I wonder how it looks from the position of an extreme SF Crazy. Or from a ST Narcissist (not sure if this description is correct), or an NJ (description not allocated yet: any ideas? Scientist?).

I am not avocating the Fourth Shadow Process, this is meant to be serious.

If I am adding new creative interpretations this is what an Architect (INTP) does, or rather the expressive form in the Visionary mode (ENTP).

And it also contradicts? the (sometimes maligned) Millon Map

Temperament Character Profile

My position:

Temperament: Idealist/Rational
Viewpoint: Idealist/Rational
Identity: Rational

Illustration reproduced for the purpose of criticism and review and in the public interest.

For more details please refer to the following page:

and the Personality Zone (Keirsey) Forum