Monday, 30 June 2008

Sweet Thursday

Sweet Thursday

The Seer

There's a Hole in Reality through which We Can Look if We Wish — A seer invites Doc to dinner in the pines. "I don't know why they don't put you in jail. It's a crime to be happy without equipment."

Old Jingleballicks
— Suzy cleans up Doc's lab. Old Jay arrives unannounced, eats the juice from Suzy's stew. Doc goes for beer and brings back the Patrón. Old Jay muses on overpopulation and teaches the Patrón how to cheat at chess.


The Common Run of People (my heading)
Next thing is opinions. You and me is always busting out with opinions. Hell, Suzy, we ain't got no opinions! We just say stuff we heard or seen in the movies. We're scared we'll miss something, like running for a bus.

The only creative thing we have is the individual, but the law doesn't permit me to give money to an individual. I must give it to a group, an organization—and the only thing a group has ever created is bookkeeping. To participate in my gift the individual must become part of the group and thus lose his individuality and his creativeness. -

Nature of Intuition (my heading)
Darwin's Origin of Species flashed complete in one second, and he spent the rest of his life backing it up; and the theory of relativity occurred to Einstein in the time it takes to clap your hands. This is the greatest mystery of the human mind—the inductive leap. Everything falls into place, irrelevancies relate, dissonance becomes harmony, and nonsense wears a crown of meaning. -


Perseus said...

Sweet Thursday is the name of the social group of the British Marine Life Study Society for the same reasons chosen in this thread.

Perseus said...

Fauna is the proprietor of the Great Bear Cafe