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Love Minus Zero

My love she speaks like silence
Without ideals or violence
She doesn't have to say she's faithful
Yet she's true like ice like fire
People carry roses
And make promises by the hours
My love she laughs like the flowers
Valentines can't buy her
In the dime stores and bus stations
People talk of situations
Read books repeat quotations
Draw conclusions on the wall
Some speak of the future
My love she speaks softly
She knows there's no success like failure
And that failure's no success at all
The cloak and dagger dangles
Madams light the candles
In ceremonies of the horsemen
Even the pawn must hold a grudge

Eight Flags of Malignancy (Reassessment)

Here are Eight Flags of Malignancy:

· puts on a conspicuous display of goodness and kindness

I observed this with the Camelhead crew. It is not necessarily an indication of malignant narcissism though. It may just be goodwill without an agenda.

· damages the images of most others

This does seem to be malignancy, but there may also be a genuine grievance, e.g. in an acrimonious divorce.

· has a history of past upheavals

A sure sign, you would think, but a Weasel could actually poison the image of somebody else over a long period of time like a malignant stalker operating a different world view.

· is hated for mysterious reasons by people close to them

The Snake spooks the Horseman and is hated by them. They see the world differently.

· exhibits unnatural and perplexing behavior — backwards reactions to things

Guardians and Idealists will see the world from a totally different perspective.

· is a control freak, trampling privacy/boundaries

Trespass is a minor crime. Repeated trespass may be an indication.

· is extremely self-absorbed

Selfish people are a pain.

· has a hostile reaction to attention and credit given others

Hostility is the key. Others may vehemently disagree with opinions.

Interrogation & Brainwashing

The authorative method is to hypnotise the targeted subject, and if this does not work is to render him unconscious and then the subject is vulnerable. Vulnerable subjects in the majority of cases are meant to be vulnerable to post-hypnotic suggestion. He can then be gaslighted. The only problem is that it does not always work and the target commits suicide or is murdered. Sometimes he is emotionally murdered and is then buried alive emotionally.

Post hypnotic suggestions can be Christianity, the Corporation absurdist policies. The defence is your own beliefs or philosophy, which work better if they are mainstream psychological science.

Watch this space for more.

Second Book: Newcastle

Sunday: Glaucus/Neptune
Stormy Monday
Ruby Tuesday: Obedience Day
Lousy Wednesday
Sweet Thursday
Long Good Friday
Saturnia: the terrestrial planet

Some Characters in the Story

Some Characters in the Story

Chapter One

Ferret : (ENFP) alias Weasel
Unicorn (ESFJ sadistic variant)
Camelhead (ESFJ malignant variant)
Horse Lady * (ESFJ)
Skylark *(INFJ)

Chapter Two

Pony Boy (ESFJ)
Horseman (ESFJ)
Ferret * (ENFP)
Panda (ISTP malignant variant)
Bear Lady * (ISTP)
Catwoman * (ISFP)
Suitor (probably ISTP corrupted)


Picnic Lady * (scalded ESFJ, runs the Barbecue)
Chief (ENFJ regresses to ESTJ)
Agent * (INTJ)


Puff the Magic Dragon *(malignant INFP)
Fauna at the Pet Shop *(ISTP)

Chapter 28

The Mongoose (ENFP) torments the Snake (ENTP).

Type Relationships says Companion.

similar modes of expression: bear each other's company well

Puff the Magic Dragon (Malignant INFP) terrorises the Snake.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

How the malignant Weasel (ENFP) is Made and other Stories

How the malignant Weasel (ENFP) is Made and other Stories

She (or he) starts off as an honest Ferret and marries a Horseman (because she is so keen on new experiences like sex, and the Horses are the randiest players around) and then gets beaten about a bit. Therefore, she runs off with a third person. When she returns to hubbie, she has to Weasel her way out with all her lies eliminating her casual lover (who becomes a casualty).

It is the Eagle (INTP) that is most at danger because of the attraction between the two and because the Eagle cannot see how he or she attracts the opposite sex.

Wolfman in Charge

The Wolfman in Charge

With Extraverted Feeling as the last in the shadow processes as the devil, the Wolfman does not consider the feelings of the group (or indivduals)

The process of extraverted Feeling often involves a desire to connect with (or disconnect from) others and is often evidenced by expressions of warmth (or displeasure) and self-disclosure. The “social graces,” such as being polite, being nice, being friendly, being considerate, and being appropriate, often revolve around the process of extraverted Feeling. Keeping in touch, laughing at jokes when others laugh, and trying to get people to act kindly to each other also involve extraverted Feeling.

Ask Little Red Riding Hood, whose feelings he considered.

At best, he can be an Administrator, and leave the other psychological aspects to Human Resources.

Even worse, when he cannot do this part of the job he regresses to being a Bully (ESFJ).

Chapter 27 Gallic Lady & the Pet Shop Bears

I saw a Gallic lady* last night in a very temperamental unhappy way, just like me on many occasions (the Wolves call this the Howl, but it is something different when done by Dragons) and at first it seemed just like a minor infraction rather than grief caused by what amounts to a boyfriend/stalker. The trouble is I was very depressed myself (very much so last night) and I wanted to keep my cool. No nightmares, thank God!

Eagles don't howl, they utter a caustic precision sound. However, although the utterer may be in great distress, it does not come across like this to other people. Only other Eagles can hear the sound of distress. This did sound caustic. It was not very attractive. Hideous even.

Ordinary Eagle sound:

*I was not paying much attention, but it looked like a Bear chasing one of the fliers, a Dragon, Skylark or Eagle, or perhaps the extrovert equivalents of Ferret, Beaver or Snake. There is a rider on this one as I first scanned her in as an acting Rodent (ISXJ). Therefore, she deserves everything she gets and the rest was just an act. She ran off on her own, back to the party.

On the same night Simon Smith was making a Bear dance. Bears, who would have them? I tried once. Never again outside of the pet shop.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Chapter 26

This is the scene when the fertilser bomb explodes in the toilet.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Cat v Eagle

A section is devoted to using this information with problem solving and communication. All eight functions are needed when dealing with problems. Here is where the value of the combined skills of a group are shown to be greater than those of the individual, assuming the group process allows for all of the eight functions to be utilized. When looking at how the eight functions relate to communication, diagramming the dynamics of each type will help show the difficulties of communicating and what must be done to alleviate the problem. E.g.: An INTP has Ti as the Leading process while an ISFP has Ti in the eight position or the Devilish process. This makes it It is easier to see why these two types have difficulty in communicating and why they have to work at overcoming these difficulties.

Berens, Linda V., Dynamics of Personality Type: Understanding and Applying Jung’s Cognitive Processes, Huntington Beach, CA: Telos Publications, 1999, ISBN 0-9664624-5-9, 60 pp

ISFP: "Artist" = CAT 5% Synthesizing (part of Composing)
Goes where she enjoys best advantage. Independent and unfaithful if neglected.

INTP: "Architect" = EAGLE 1% Designing
High flier in the clouds with talons.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

What is Gang Stalking?

What is Gang Stalking?

Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to control every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Gang Stalking has many similarities to workplace mobbing, but takes place outside in the community. It called Gang Stalking, because the target is followed around and placed under intrusive and directed surveillance by groups of organised "Covert Human Intelligence Sources" also known as Citizen Informants 24/7. Using anti-terror laws to spy on ordinary people.

Many Targeted Individuals are harassed and placed under surveillance in this way for months or even years before they realise that they are being targeted by an organised protocol of harassment.

Sometimes Satan comes as a Man of Peace

--- In, Bonnie Calcagno wrote:
> For those who want to turn their lemons (experienced of being
> bullied) into lemonade, I would recommend a look at www.HRDQ. There
> you will find programs on:
> Learning to Listen
> Personal Style Inventory
> The Art and Science of Communication
> Teampower (building effective teams)
> Benchmarks of Team Excellence
> Trust
> Team Effectiveness Profile
> Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence
> Best Boss Inventory
> Supervisory Skills
> Leading Change At Every Level
> Negotiating Win-Win Solutions
> Conflict Strategies Inventory etc.
> I think in every workplace where bullying takes place there exists an
> absence of knowledge of how to make things better.
> Bonnie


This "lemonade" symbolism I failed to understand at the first attempt. Made a passing understanding and forgot about at the second attempt. For the the third time:

The Devilish Role (sometimes referred to as the 8th function)
The devilish role can be quite negative. Using the process that plays this role, we might become destructive of ourselves or others. Actions (or inactions) taken when we engage in the process that plays this role are often regretted later. Usually, we are unaware of how to use the process that fills this role and feel like it just erupts and imposes itself rather unconsciously. Yet when we are open to the process that plays the devilish role, it becomes transformative. It gives us the impetus to create something new—to make lemonade out of lemons, rather than lament their sourness.

I knew it before as:

Good intentions can be evil,
Both hands can be full of grease.
You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

Well, first he's in the background, then he's in the front,
Both eyes are looking like they're on a rabbit hunt.
Nobody can see through him,
No, not even the Chief of Police.
You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

The Scientist as the Critical Parent

Introverted iNtuiting Ni
Foreseeing implications, transformations, and likely effects is the leading process.


Critical Parent for the INTP

The Critical Parent Role (sometimes referred to as the 6th function)
The critical parent role is how we find weak spots and can immobilize and demoralize others. We can also feel this way when others use the process that plays this role. It is often used sporadically and emerges more often under stressful conditions when something important is at risk. When we engage it, we can go on and on. To access its positive side of discovery, we must learn to appreciate and be open to it. Then it has an almost magical quality and can provide a profound sense of wisdom.

Horseplay and Straining up under the Bear

Defence mode. It is not me. I see the signs. It is not a modern phenomonen. It has been going on for millennia. The Horseman of Attila were a powerful gang.

The Guardian (SJ) types tend to think the world is how they actually cognitively see it and go around eliminating anyone that does not fit in with their world view. They own property interests and may control the resources.

They actually suffer stress when faced with Dragons (INFP) and Snakes (ENTP). They are then said to be spooked.

The symptoms could be:

ESFJ Horsemen twisted logic it says, but it is really twisted judgement and the deductions from the original premise can be logical and violent. The horseplay is meant to be fun. In the extreme form it is called paranoid schizophrenia (Crazy Horse)and it is very dangerous.
They conduct something called "Ceremonies of the Horsemen". Rugby clubs, motorcycle gangs, football supporters, etc. engage in this form of behaviour.

ISFP bears are a group characterised by compulsive actions which are a thorough nuisance but not as dangerous. This is run by the Picnic Controller and this should be really good fun, but can end up in bundles and fights. Kiss chase occurs at the picnic. These are Artisans rather than Guardians, and do not hate the Snakes and Dragons.

In Court, such silly behaviour is not condoned.

Shadow Processes of Deceit and Devilry

The new thing about these web pages are the shadow processes.

e.g. (Panther)

Evaluation is by deceitful processs. I think that these are not open to scrutiny which may occur with other types. The Idealists (NF) may not trust these self-interested entrepreneurs. They might think they are up to no good with good reason.

Good News Week

When things get so bad, there is only one move left (it appears) and that is the Panther Hit, which is something so outrageous and unexpected that .....

It's good news week
Someone's dropped a bomb somewhere
Contaminating atmosphere
And blackening the sky

It's good news week
Someone's found a way to give
The rotting dead a will to live
Go on and never die

Have you heard the news
What did it say?
Who's won that race?
What's the weather like today?

It's good news week
Families shake the need for gold
By stimulating birth control
We're wanting less to eat

It's good news week
Doctors finding many ways
Of wrapping brains on metal trays
To keep us from the heat

It's good news week
Someone dropped a bomb somewhere
Contaminating atmosphere
And blackening the sky

It's good news week
Someone's found a way to give
The rotting dead a will to live
Go on and never die

Have you heard the news
What did it say?
Who's won that race?
What's the weather like today?
What's the weather like today?

It's good news week
Families shake the need for gold
By stimulating birth control
We're wanting less to eat

It's good news week
Doctors finding many ways
Of wrapping brains on metal trays
To keep us from the heat
To keep us from the heat
To keep us from the heat


Saturday, 22 November 2008

Chapter 25: End Game Tactics

In the End Game the chess pieces are even on the board. I am missing a Bishop and a Queen, which would defeat the lone Knight. But a Knight cannot win on its own, so it is the Pawns that count. Their four pawns are all lined up the same file with an opposing pawn. My King has to protect this pawn. So I can't win within the rules of the game. I must use deceit to sneak two passed pawns on to my side and promote them to the missing pieces. A tricky situation.

The way to cheat at chess is to nobble your opponent. They did that successfully to me through the skullduggery attack. I have now recovered, but lost some material in the intervening period.

If the game is stalemate, who are the new contenders?

INTP Discussion on Relationships

INTP Discussion on Relationships

I think the best choice is the Ferret or Weasel (ENFP). That's if you have enough money. This is the Journalist. I wish I knew this when I was younger. Whether the INTP is the best choice for the ENFP is a different matter altogether ??? The best choice for the ENFP is the INTJ Hawk. I tend to just miss the Ferrets.

Failing that the Wolf (ENTJ) or possibly the Bull (ESTJ). The latter is a Guardian. The latter two may be best if they are earners. The Wolf is usually a Manager and the Bull a bureaucrat. Who then wears the trousers?

Friday, 21 November 2008

Personality Types under Stress: a new link

Personality Types under Stress: a new link

Self Analysis

I am definitely an INTP, but very close to a XNXP. Thinking (Rational type by the David Keirsey book) is low because the resolution component is not high (sometimes negligible) like proper Thinkers. This is experience and deduction and might not be in the books. Lack of resolution has made me easily revert to the Dragon.

My stress level is marked by hypersensitivty to relationships (INTP), with only a temptation to impulsive action (INFP). The temptation is baulked by the the Thinking process. It is all very clevery thought out.

Note my job choice if I had the opportunity (limited use made of) in order would be:

Writer (INXP style)

Strategic Planner (INTP)

Graphics Designer (INFP)

Researcher (INFP)

Professor (INXP)

Environmental Planner (INTJ)

Staff Development (INTP)

Poet/Novelist/Playright (INFJ)

Bar Owner/Art Director (ENTP)

Recreation Director (ENFJ)

Chapter 23 Gone

The son of the Priest says she has "Gone with the Wind" and I expect she will, but not the wind, the two missing cards (Star of David) or the Jokerman, or a Wolf in Sheep's clothing, or even an unstoppable Bear. Could be seduced by a Petrolhead.

It will come as a bit of relief in the end. I think the Eagle is doomed to miss the Ferret. Just watch the word go by from a height. If we transform to a Snake the Christians will crucify us. And the same applies if we regress to Dragon. Resolution (high Thinking) does not work cause the Ferret gets poisoned by the Cats.

But the Phoenix is a special case. But he is burned (or buried alive) and cannot play the Jack of Hearts, because he is too honest. Not unless he was born with a golden spoon.

Wolfman ENTJ

At the feeding grounds and watering holes, can any high-flying types outwit the Wolf (ENTJ)?

To snag is the earner has to be an Extravert as nobody is going to come along a put the meat on the plate of an Introvert unless he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth.

The INTP Eagle transforms to the Snake ENTP and has to hide under rocks from the predatory Wolf. Some are venomous, enough to keep the Wolf at bay, but not enough to defeat him. And then there is the rest of the pack.

The INFP Dragon transforms to the ENFP Ferret and this could be become prey to Wolves. The same applies to the flighty Skylark INFJ who becomes the territorial Beaver ENFJ and the successful Hawk INTJ becomes the Wolf.

The powerful positions in society are occupied by Hawks and Wolves with their judgement/perception different from the Architects (INTP) and other birds. This is the middle class.

In the woods there are Bears (ISTP) and Wolves don't mess with unstoppable Bears. Wolves don't mess with Lions (ESTP) and other Big Cats. The latter lot are Working Class and Tradesmen (ESFJ) except for retail and franchise owners who direct.

They have trouble with Horses (ESFJ) and in league with the Dogs (ISTJ).



This method of decapitation is an extreme form of bullying. The executioner is probably a sadist/assertive Horseman (ESFJ), although all Guardians can be prompted to carry out murder given sufficient encourgment. There was a famous scientific test.

In parliamentary procedure, cloture (IPA: /ˈkloʊtʃɝ/, KLO-cher) (also called closure, and sometimes a guillotine) is a motion or process aimed at bringing debate to a quick end.

The procedure originated in the French National Assembly, from which the name in French is taken.


If the powers judge then they will chop your head off if you disagree. I do not want to hear any more evidence, the target is guilty as charged with the available data. Off with his head. But .....!

Queen of Hearts
Now, I give you fair warning, either you or your head must be off, and that in about half no time! Take your choice!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

ENFP Discoverer Advocate

Another look at personality type ENFP


ENFP - Discoverer Advocate
Theme is inspiration, both of themselves and others. Talents lie in grasping profound significance, revealing truths, and motivating others. Very perceptive of others’ hidden motives and purposes. Interested in everything about individuals and their stories as long as they are genuine. Contagious enthusiasm for “causes” that further good and develop latent potential and the same zeal for disclosing dishonesty and inauthenticity. Frequently moved to enthusiastically communicate their “message.”

Cracking the 4-Letter Type Code

Cracking the 4-Letter Type Code
Jung's Cognitive Processes
Adapted from Linda V. Berens and Dario Nardi, Understanding Yourself and Others®: An Introduction to the Personality Type Code (Telos Publications, 2004) *Used with permission

Relationship Notes

Relationship Notes

INTP Weaknesses
My notes in brackets

Not naturally in tune with others' feelings; slow to respond to emotional needs
(This is a big problem, which causes missing mates.)

Not naturally good at expressing their own feelings and emotions
(This OK in privacy and in suitable environments, but hopeless if there is competition or when the INTP feels unsafe)

Tend to be suspicious and distrusting of others
(with good reason)

Not usually good at practical matters, such as money management, unless their work involves these concerns
(Bloody nuisance.)

They have difficulty leaving bad relationships
(Get into a rut)

Tend to "blow off" conflict situations by ignoring them, or else they "blow up" in heated anger
(Can feign unconcern successfully, but is this good policy?)


Most INFPs will exhibit the following weaknesses with regards to relationship issues:

May tend to be shy and reserved
(A big problem)

Don't like to have their "space" invaded
Extreme dislike of conflict
Extreme dislike of criticism
(when unfair)
Strong need to receive praise and positive affirmation
(dislike being taken for granted)
May react very emotionally to stressful situations
(can do when seriously bad, but more of an INTP trait)

Have difficulty leaving a bad relationship
Have difficulty scolding or punishing others
(not as recently, but let abuse go on for too long)
Tend to be reserved about expressing their feelings
(with good reason to avoid getting into trouble)
Perfectionist tendencies may cause them to not give themselves enough credit
Tendency to blame themselves for problems, and hold everything on their own shoulders
(trying not to do this, vented feelings at others)


I think the best choice is the Ferret or Weasel (ENFP). That's if you have enough money. This is the Journalist. I wish I knew this when I was younger. Whether the INTP is the best choice for the ENFP is a different matter altogether ??? The best choice for the ENFP is the INTJ Hawk. I tend to just miss the Ferrets.


Failing that the Wolf (ENTJ) or possibly the Bull (ESTJ). The latter is a Guardian. The latter two may be best if they are earners. The Wolf is usually a Manager and the Bull a bureaucrat. Who then wears the trousers?

The worse ones I have found out are the Bear (ISTP), Panda (ISTP variant) or the Horse (ESFJ).

I do not care for the conniving and unfaithful Cat (ISFP) even it if is aspiring to be a Dragon (INTP).

If there is a shortage a young Nurse or Secretary which I call the Little Bear (ISTP) could work, but it went badly wrong for me. That's really only if you are desperate. The same applies to Ponies (ESFJ). The problem is lack of shared interests and matched intelligence. Panda (ISTP variant) could work, but if they are damaged or not very bright it is bad news. The possibility of an identical INTP is more promising, but their would be a problem with income, neither partner being able to really sus out what is going on in the world outside of the fantasy.

The best match for the INFP Dragon (which I revert to under distress) is the Teacher or Beaver (ENFJ). Lack of money is the big problem here. The other possibility is the working Dragon (not the sleeping one) INFP. This applies to the INTP as well. However, these can be Cat-like (ISFP) and these are really bad news.

For a rainy day, the Butterfly (ESFP) is OK.

England is not suited to INTPs. It might be best to go foreign ???

Chapter 22

Project: we (which means just me at the moment) have got to Weasel (ENFP) the contact name out of her. If she was not much "up her own arse" I could have got it with a straight question.

At breakfast time on the morning of 20 November 2008, something changed. To be ascertained.

NB: Feeling more isolated than ever.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Chestnut Mare

Chestnut Mare

Well I was up on Stony Ridge after this chestnut mare
I'd been chasin' her for weeks now. Oh, I'd catch a little glimpse
of her every once in a while; she'd be off takin' her meal, or bathin';
she was a real fine lady!

Well she takes off, runnin' up on to that ridge, higher
than I've ever been before. We're runnin' along just fine, and then
she sees a sidewinder, all coiled up ready to strike. Well that
spooks her, and she jumps off the edge holdin' on!

And we were falling down this crevice, about a mile down there
I'd say! I look down and I see this red thing below us. Turned
out to be our reflection in a little pool of water, about six
feet wide, and only one foot deep, and we're comin' down at it!
Finally we hit and we splashed that pool dry. Well that's when
I lost my hold and she got away. But I'm never gonna' give up,
I'm gonna' get her again some day!

Early Chapter (omitted Before): The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

The Camelhead (ESFJ variant) is a very 'ornery beastie.

1) Irritable (gets the hump)
2) Never forgets a slight (a Camel never forgets)
3) Can tell lies for a long time without getting thirsty
Spits a lot and has bad breath
4) Lives in a desert with the Scorpions (ESFP variant)
5) Treated badly and beaten by its owner (and quite right too)

I am sure I have written further about Camelheads which caused that problem that resulted in all these messages. Subsequently, as a result of me being totally unprepared by the Camel's behaviour, I have encountered worst problems from Ponies and Horses (ESFJ). This was because I had been badly damaged by a malignant Unicorn (ESFJ variant) and I could not defend myself.

These animals seem to thrive in the sales environment.

The animal folk psychology is still in the course of development and mistakes can be made. The steppes Horse is spooked by the Snake (ENTP) and a very visible and often violent conflict ensues, with the Horse attacking the Snake. The Camel variant is familiar with Snakes and is much more dangerous because of this, with all the spitting and lies and does not attack outright.

In all my naivety I had never come across Horses or Camels before, being naturally adverse to their environment. The distorted judgement of a Horse under stress (the book says distorted logic: their actions are often logical) says the Snake wants to become "Champion the Wonder Horse".

Some other Camel behaviour:

I am not a Snake, but in periods of self expression, I can demonstrate snake-like characteristics: an example of morph-shifting. The Champion title was thought up by the Guards (SJ).

Phoenix XNXP from Neptune
There's a Hole in Reality through which We Can Look if We Wish

Confession to the High Priest

Confession to the High Priest

I forgot to say that I have been accused of not paying for my drinks, not paying my debts on time (heinous crime amounting to outright theft), accomplice in stealing gates (another heinous crime like trespass as the land thieves like to fence in property), talking to people without permission in public places (this is another trespass crime), in charge of a disorderly hedge, possession of a large green plastic turtle, being cheeky to the chief Wolfman psychologist, and I daresay other notorious crimes that are not yet on the statute book.

All these are capital offences and constitute the Judgement Day crimes of the condemned man. I think these are the venial sins.

I plead guilty to objecting to cattle grazing on virgin downland, eating psychedelic mushrooms (in my youth), not paying the mooring fees on time (when I had a boat), failing my eleven plus exam, having a phobic fear of crossing high bridges, dislike of rats, listening to Bob Dylan records ...

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Dire Wolf Conspiracy (Stalkers)

Stalkers are very Dangerous

Stalkers will often denigrate and objectify their victims. This can help stalkers to abuse their victims without experiencing empathy, and may reflect or fuel a belief that they are entitled to behave as they please toward the victims. Viewing victims as "lesser," "weak" or otherwise seriously flawed can support delusions that the victims need to be rescued, or punished, by the stalkers. Stalkers may slander or defame the character of their victims which may isolate the victims and give the stalkers more control or a feeling of power.

Stalkers may use manipulative behavior such as bringing legal action against their victims. They may also attempt to diagnose victims with false mental illnesses. Stalkers may even threaten to commit suicide in order to coerce victims to intervene - all methods of forcing victims to have contact with the stalkers.

Most stalkers are nonpsychotic and may exhibit disorders or neuroses such as major depression, adjustment disorder, or substance dependence, as well as a variety of Axis II personality disorders, such as antisocial, avoidant, borderline, dependent, narcissistic, or paranoia. Some of the symptoms of "obsessing" over a person is part of obsessive compulsive personality disorder. The nonpsychotic stalkers' pursuit of victims can be influenced by various psychological factors, including anger and hostility, projection of blame, obsession, dependency, minimization and denial, and jealousy.

Effects of stalking
Stalking does not consist of single incidents, but is a continuous process. Stalking can be a terrifying experience for victims, placing them at risk of psychological trauma, and possible physical harm. As Rokkers writes, "Stalking is a form of mental assault, in which the perpetrator repeatedly, unwontedly, and disruptively breaks into the life-world of the victim, with whom they have no relationship (or no longer have). Moreover, the separated acts that make up the intrusion cannot by themselves cause the mental abuse, but do taken together (cumulative effect)."[2]

Queen Of Hearts (Chapter 21)

Queen Of Hearts Lyrics
Artist: Juice Newton

Lovers, I know you've had a few
But hide your heart beneath the covers and tell 'em they're the only one
And others, they know just what I'm going through
And it's a-hard to be a lover when you say you're only in it for fun
Playing with the queen of hearts, knowing it ain't really smart
The joker ain't the only fool who'll do anything for you

Playing with the queen of hearts

If you have a Heavy Heart?

If you have a Heavy Heart?

Judger or Perceiver

This category deals with how we orient our lives. Judgers are structured, ordered, scheduled, and on-time. They are the list makers. Judgers wake up every morning with a definite plan for the day, and become very upset when the plan becomes unraveled. Even free time is scheduled. Perceivers, on the other hand, rely on creativity, spontaneity, and responsiveness, rather than a plan or list, to get them through the day. They burn the midnight oil to meet deadlines, although they usually meet them. Perceivers like to turn work into play, because if a task is not fun, they reason, it is probably not worth doing.

Experts say that this personality type difference is the most significant source of tension in the workplace and in group work. Perceivers prefer to keep gathering information rather than to draw conclusions. Judgers prefer to make decisions, often ignoring new information that might change that decision. Hence, the conflict. The authors of the book contend that a good balance of judgers and perceivers are necessary for a well-functioning work group. Judgers need light-hearted perceivers to make them relax, and perceivers need structured judgers to keep things organized and reach closure on projects.

Nanny v The Wolfman

The term "Nanny State" was probably coined by the Conservative British MP Iain Macleod who wrote "what I like to call the nanny state . . ." in his column "Quoodle" in the December 3, 1965 edition of The Spectator.

Nanny v the Wolfman

The alternative to the Nanny State is the Wolfman agenda, where the largest gang run by the top Dog rules, and they prey on the helpless and the talented.

Moral: beware of the Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

Chapter 20

The heavy petting scene: to be elaborated

Dragon and Little Bear

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Skullduggery: incredibly effective method of eliminating opponents. The worse bit is the unconsciousness and concussion which renders the target incapacitated, and the ensuing trauma is rather confusing (like being drunk).

Tracking; following the opponent around and mucking up his act at every opportunity. Effective against a shy person like me, but it would be labour intensive against the more troublesome adversaries. Apparently, this system works against active violent criminals in the community.

Ostracisation: this gaslighting method is highly successful.

Smear Campaign: this denigration method is highly successful.

Stalking Horse: if this incurs the Grip, probably a very successful method.

Whores: this just incurs confusion, and is a waste of time.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Falling Star (Way Back in 1984)

This dates back to 1984 when I could still play the game
(I do not actually feel that I have crashed still time around -yet. Just not there. Not sure where there is though!)

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day

For love may come and tap you on the shoulder some starless night
Just in case you feel you want to hold her
You'll have a pocketful of starlight
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day
For love may come and tap you on the shoulder some starless night
Just in case you feel you want to hold her
You'll have a pocketful of starlight ...
Pocketful of starlight, hm,hm,hm,hm,hm,hm

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day
Save it for a rainy, save it for a rainy, rainy, rainy, day
For when your troubles start multiplyin' and they just might
It's easy to forget them without tryin'
With just a pocketful of starlight
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day
Save it for a rainy day
Save it for a rainy day

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft
This game seems to use a toned down version of the Dungeon & Dragons characters.

Poison & Venom

poison pz()n n., a., & adv. ME. [OFr. puison, (also mod.) poison (in OFr. = magic potion) f. L potio(n-) POTION.] A n. 1 A medicinal draught, a potion, esp. one prepared with a harmful drug or ingredient; an ingredient of a potion etc. Long obs. exc. as below. ME. 2 Matter which causes death or injury when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism, irrespective of mechanical means or direct thermal changes, esp. when able to kill by rapid action and when taken in a small quantity; a particular substance of this kind. ME. b Alcoholic liquor; an alcoholic drink. colloq. (orig. US). E19. 3 fig. a A doctrine, influence, etc., considered to be harmful to character, morality, or public order. Also, something which is detested. ME. b An undesirable or detested person or persons. E20. 4 a Chem. A substance which destroys or reduces the activity of a catalyst. E20. b A fission product, impurity, or additive in a nuclear reactor which interacts with neutrons and thus slows the intended reaction. M20.

e.g. the pharmaceuticals dispensed by the Psi Cops.

venom venm n., a., & v. ME. [(O)Fr. venim, venin, f. Proto-Romance alt. (after L wds in -imen) of L venenum potion, drug, poison. For the change of final n to m cf. pilgrim.] A n. 1 A poisonous fluid secreted by certain snakes, spiders, scorpions, etc. and usu. injected by them into other animals by means of a bite or sting. ME. 2 Poison, esp. as administered to or drunk by a person; any poisonous or noxious substance, preparation, or property; a microbial toxin. Now rare or obs. ME. 3 fig. Malignant or malicious character or quality; virulent feeling, language, behaviour, etc.; malice, spite. Also, an instance of this. ME. b A malicious or spiteful person or animal. obs. exc. Sc. & dial. L16. 4 A (type of) poison or toxin. LME. 5 A dye. rare. LME-M16.
3 V. NABOKOV The thick venom of envy began squirting at me.

In Modern Animism (Phoenix version), poison is spread by contamination by Mice (ISFJ) and Rats (ISXJ). Venom is injected mainly by Snakes (ENTP) and their targets are usually the afromentioned Rodents by active predation, but any other animal defensively if they get in each other's way, but the animal most often spooked is the Horse (ESFJ). Dogs (ISTJ) get bitten, if they are too adventurous.

Malignant Animism

The Mouse (ISFJ) tends to contaminate (by accident) with gossip because it has not got a critical facility and believes everything told to her. The Weasel (ENFJ) is the malignant version of the Ferret who spreads lies not caring whether they are true or not, the Vulture sounds like the malignant component of me (INTP) and I know from other comments that they may prey on the dead and damaged rather than living prey. There are plenty of Hawks/Owls (INTJ) like that.

The Snake (ENTP) is very interesting because they tend to bring out the true characters of the Other. Great, if things are positive, but the negative type tends to explode, and they will spook the Horse (ESFJ) who naturally feels the need to be in control.

It is not surprising that some people chose a Detached existential position which is Shy/Avoidant/Eccentric/Schizotypal because in the milieu, somebody might explode. I think the Horse (ESFJ) on Inferior Function (Critical Stress) is the Berserker or Crazy Horse. There does not seem to be any way to escape these nutters. Beware! I think the Goat is a ram-raider.

Tip: If you are a Snake do NOT go to the Ceremony of the Horsemen, you are not wanted. Alas, the Ferrets (INFJ) may attend, although it makes them sad.

Tip 2: If you are an Eagle (INTP) do NOT go to the Teddy Bears Picnic, as you cannot function in the woods, and the baby Bears caught out in the open are really small fry.
Many of the intuitive types refuse to play the Earthling games, even the Musical Chairs. Butterflies (ESFP) are Rainy Day playthings. Stone Free in the morning.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Seven Hundred Elves

Seven Hundred Elves


Seven hundred elves from out the wood
Foul and grim they were
Down to the farmer's house they went
His meat and drink to share

There was a farmer in the west and there he chose his ground
He thought to spend the winter there and brought his hawk and hound
He brought with him both hound and cock alone he begged to stay
And all the deer that roamed the wood had cause to rue the day

He felled the oak, he felled the birch, the beech nor poplar spared
And much was grieved the sullen elves at what the stranger dared
He hewed him baulks and he hewed him beams with eager toil and haste
Then up and spake the woodland elves: ``Who's come our wood to waste?''

Up and spake the biggest elf and grimly rolled his eyes:
"We'll march upon the farmer's house and hold on him assize
He's knocking down both wood and bower, he shows us great distain
We'll make him rue the day he was born and taste of shame and pain.''

All the elves from out the wood began to dance and spring
And marched towards the farmer's house their lengthy tails to swing
The farmer from his window looked and quickly crossed his breast
"Oh woe is me,'' the farmer cried, "The elves will be my guests.''

In every nook he made a cross and all about the room
And off flew many a frightened elf back to his forest gloom
Some flew to the east, some flew to the west, some flew to the north away
And some flew down the deep ravine and there forever stay

(as recorded by Steeleye Span)

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Marzipan Dragon

We all have personality disorders now
Nick Cohen
Published 11 July 2005

If you're happy or sad, neat or messy, outgoing or withdrawn, you've got a symptom. Nick Cohen argues that psychiatry has expanded by pathologising everyday life.

Social functioning is not based on truth#, but on the success rate. A diagnosis of Eccentricity or Schizotypal is valid if repeated often enough. On the Millon Spinning Top this the Detached Existential position is no guarantee of forecasting what the Other will do so it is effectively useless as a measure of truth, and is just a tendency.
(#The truth is Wensleydale with Cranberries is made with poor quality cheese, but it tastes good all the same. Therefore it may be eaten repeatedly. Likewise, the Marzipan Dragon INFP may get gobbled up at the feeding grounds.)

Suppose, the Schizotypal Eccentric Disorder is re-described as the Information Deficit Disorder. Then if the disordered person is give the information he needs (not continually lied to by the Bullies*) he can therefore adjust his existential position and become Discordant (Assertive-Sadistic) or whatever. It may be that sadists tend to attack eccentrics. So in the presence of a sadist, it may be best policy to act in another manner, narcissist or skeptical. If you notice that the twat is there at all, which an eccentric might not.

(*Bureaucrats are often Bullies ESTJ and they can only operate if they are given the functional inadequate information pertaining to their role. Their Judgement restriction does not allow them time to listen to your arguments. This behaviour may become ingrained after a lifetime of paper shuffling.)

To get educated about people, personal relations and emotional intelligence, is gaining the necessary information to navigate (girl guide) through the realms of personal and political relations.

In other words the Millon Map is faulty and so are all the conclusions drawn from it. And all the Personality Disorder theory as well. It is a game where psychologists can rip off the taxpayer. This is the Ambivalent Skeptical position, he said with a lack of Exuberance.

My interpretation is that a malignant Narcissist does not have to behave like he does. All the examples I have suffered from indicates it is a life-long affliction. Maybe, it requires psychic energy to behave in another way. One way would be to use a Statistical Syllogism to forecast the probability of an Eccentric or Sadist to continue to operate in his preferred Personality Disorder under set parameters. Or when the Eccentric would act Melancholic or Timorous, or the Sadist act Explosive-Contrite or Tyrannical.

It is best to treat others as human beings rather than sex objects or slave operating commodities. It requires more effort though. Negative emotions recharge quicker than positive ones.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Chapter 19: Highway Blues

Highway Blues
But think about how you’d feel if you were avoiding a near-accident every few minutes. Your body doesn’t have time to recover. That’s exactly what happens when you are dealing with a workplace bully. Never knowing when the bully will attack, your body is in a state of constant readiness, your “fight or flight” reactions are activated, and your body is experiencing continuous wear and tear.

I feel like I am cycling at a diagonal across a busy motorway, when the drivers mostly don't care, and ones that do care inadvertently catch me in their draught by coming too close, and just as many are out to deliberately kill me. So I have no room for mistakes.
Moreover, I am not sure of my destination, just exhausted trying to keep alive. And then the auction candle drops and all bets are off like a nuclear explosion.
I can't return home because it is not yet burned but a disaster zone, and I am not sure what is on the other side.

Chapter 18

Change is now. As a result of peculiar circumstances, people will be compelled to change their attitudes and behaviour. Not on your nelly, they won't and that probably includes me as well. They just keep it hidden and secretive and pursue the same old tactical agenda. Actually, this mainly consists of veiled threats,deliberate lies, actual threats, agents lying/acting on their behalf. The rational person (like me) may decide on the possible strategic outcome from certain actions.

The trouble is that because of the awful local employment situation,and because of the smear and intimidation campaign, actual opportunities are rather exiguous. Not helped by my low spirits because my needs/wants are not being catered for. I have decided that I do not want to be a garret writer at all. It is too lonely and poorly paid. It might be forced upon me though, but at the moment I have not got an isolated watchtower. In fact, I have been invaded by noxious and toxic presences intermittently and often persistently.

I think they know that the targets all give up with exhaustion or commit suicide. The stress forces out of character behaviour, which is a more rational reaction than jumping off a bridge (Horseman Attack). Or venture into the woods on a overdose (Picnic Controller Attack).

Bester and Psi Corps will not allow free agents (called rogues). I was even ambushed by a Black Glove. I saw it coming, but I Did not have the support to counteract the move.They might want me to join the Psi Corps. Satan has the pay the rent.

Malignant (Bully) Control Freak or a Difficult Person ?

Malignant (Bully) Control Freak or a Difficult Person ?

Here’s the difference:

Bullying is repeated, deliberate, disrespectful behavior toward another for the bully’s gratification. Workplace bullying is deliberate; not accidental. Difficult people may or may not be deliberate; they may be unaware. Bullies are out for self-gratification. Difficult people are not necessarily out to harm another; they are out to protect their own needs. You can possibly reason and negotiate with a difficult person. You cannot reason or negotiate with a workplace bully. Most people/targets want to hold on to the belief that people are basically good, and that they would therefore receive feedback well if approached. We somehow think “If I just say it this way” or if I bring them a coffee … then… they’ll come around. Most bosses, in their attempt to help an employee with a bullying situation or difficult person situation, often offer this advice: “Treat them the way you want to be treated”; extend the olive branch and they’ll somehow come around. This influencing strategy can work – but only with minor difficult situations where the difficult person has a healthy enough self image to be able to receive kindness in order to come around. Let me be clear – influencing works with the good natured but over-worked and perhaps situationally stressed individual whose heart is seeking a win-win. Now that you know this, you can try this influencing strategy of extending the Olive Branch, but do not expect results when dealing with bullying behavior. If you face moderate difficult behavior, and in some very rare cases of minor bullying, you can approach the person with a Crucial Conversation

The Crucial Conversation is an attempt to reach out and share what you need/want, with the hope of receiving agreement back. Note: Many people get confused here. If you are certain you are facing a bully, this influencing strategy will not work – you cannot rationalize with a bully, and attempting to open up a dialogue will only expose you. Also, note that workplace bullying requires an intervention where you are clear; you state what you want as opposed to asking and trying to come to a win-win resolution. However, if you are not certain you are in a bullying situation and you are hesitant as to your approach to influence or use an intervention, you could: Try the Crucial Conversation Influencing Strategy – if it works, you have a difficult person situation. If it doesn’t work, you may have a bullying situation, where they are only interested in retaliating and aiming to control you once you are exposed. At least you will know. If you know this is Bullying Behavior (bullying behavior is deliberate, not accidental, disrespectful, repeated behavior towards an individual that the bully derives pleasure from hurting), then proceed to intervention – Do not pass Go, do not collect $200… Lastly, remember, once you identify the bullying behavior, fully internalize that you cannot reach out and rationalize with a bully.

Extract in the public interest from:

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Shaw glosses it

Til´-i-kum, or tilakum, n. (C) (Chinook,-tilikhum.) People; relations; relatives; associate; family; folks; friends; kin; kindred; band; tribe; fellow nation; population; person. (Applied generally, it means those who are not chiefs. It is also used to signify a tribe or band.) Example: Cultus tilikum,—common or insignificant persons. Huloima tilikum,—strangers. Nika tilikum,—my relations. Yaka klatawa kopa yaka tillikums,—he has gone to his people. Ahnkuttie tilikums,—ancestors; forefathers. Eells gives "Nika tilikums,—my friends; my relations; so when preceded by the other pronouns, as mika, mesika, nesika, klaska, yaka, it has reference to friends or relations. Hiyu tilikums,—a crowd; a throng. (Other spellings: Telikom; tekum; tilacum; tilecum tilicum; tellikum; tillikums (pl.); tillicum; tillochcum.)

>2) How is the word pronounced? spelt?
Primary accent is on the first syllable. The consonants are as in English (Chinook Jargon was traditionally written mostly in an English-based, relatively unstandardized orthography, though there was also a unique writing system called Duployan shorthand that was used in some circles, and increasingly from the turn of the 20th century on there has been a tendency to use IPA-related phonetic symbols, or "North Americanist" orthographies that draw heavily on those symbols). The first vowel, indeed the first syllable, is as in "till", the second vowel is a very understated schwa, like the i in "calibrate" or the second "a" in "catapult" at normal conversational speed; and the final syllable is somewhere along a spectrum between "come" and "calm". "Tillicum" is the usual English spelling. "Tillikum" is also common. Versions like yours with single "l" are less common (in English contexts; probably more common in actual Chinook Jargon usage, but pronounced identically. I'll leave it to the experts to say what the proper modern orthography is at Grand Ronde, Oregon.

>3) What is the connection with Tillicum Village?
Same word but with two l's. I imagine you have done a Google search and came up with Tillicum Village, in which case you know Tillicum Village is an Indian Cultural Center and restaurant (indigenous-style salmon) on Blake Island in Puget Sound.

>4) What is "Elip Tilicum? "
Well, Elip (EE'lip) is "first, superlative, elder", so "Elip Tilicum" could easily be "old friend" or "best friend" or "the elders of my people". ChinUk Wawa is a contact language, and its words, as in any trade jargon or pidgin, are very elastic and can cover quite a bit more semantic ground than their roots mean in the original languages.

>5) From what language or dialect did the word "tilicum" originate?
Chinook, as your dictionary entry below illustrates. Via Chinook Jargon into English.

>6) From what race or tribe did the word "tilicum" originate? (this may be >a different name or the spellings may be different, and someone halfway >across the world where we speak Indo-European mostly may get confused).
The Chinook, or Chinookan-speakers, are the indigenous peoples who lived at the time of European contact on the lower reaches of the Columbia River and around the area where it enters the Pacific. As far as I know the Chinookan languages per se are completely extinct, but the Wawa, or Jargon based on it (with admixtures of Nootkan, Salishan, English, French and other vocabulary) survives, as its use on this very mailing list evidences. This Jargon was a very widespread contact language in the NW US and far western Canada in the 1800s.

>And what is the connection?
The Royal Navy probably got the word from the Canadians. (If it's old enough, it might even have been built when the Royal Navy was also the Canadian Navy. Maybe it saw service in the Pig Wars. ;-)


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Chapter 17 Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore

If they are driving you crazy, they are not being kind. They are trying to bully you. Don't take any notice of them.

Behave like Caprice. They will not understand and think you are the mad one like Cassandra.

Try the May Dance on a young prospect. Don't cry. Make the others cry. But the prospect will not be able to work it out, so you will have to give a broad hint. Don't be ambivalent, or else you deserve any trouble that you get.

Experienced prospects will lie (if they are trophy hunters) so pick a Virgin if you are Dragon-like.

Chapter 16

The priests and power brokers are the ultimate bullies:
Religious Fanatic: This type has given internal logic up for the external imposition of logic. This is usually due to severe bullying and ridicule as a child, which causes this INTP to be crushed to an empty shell – the perfect vessel for religion.
Basically, they intimidate you, smash your brain in and ultimate murder you in the name of power and money.
The best defence is to choose parents with a golden spoon without a Black Panther (ESTP) agenda.
As I first thought, the malignant Weasel (ENFP) married to a Stalking Horse (ESFJ) is the most dangerous enemy. If they are supported by a Panda (ISTP variant) the target really hasn't got a chance. Runaway from the Pony (ESFJ) girls and get a sleep spell.

Five Character Portraits (Eagle variants)

Which type of INTP are you?


1) Liberal Loser: This INTP subtype tends to let an overwhelming sense of social injustice often due to their inability to control their immature feelings cloud their logic. Too much weed, or not enough, smoked at the peace rallies they attend with their overwhelmingly illogical SP soul mates typically add to the feelings of social injustice.

2) Golden Boy (or girl):This INTP subtype is as rare to see as a baby pigeon, as they tend to be physics professors, philosophy professors, professional programmers for prestigious universities or international companies, or as government analysts for the CIA and NSA. They are rarely seen, but when they are, it is typically due to personal issues that they need to whine about on internet lists, such as "my wife is a crazy bitch" or "I have no friends, I want someone to love me". They tend to be blind to the plight of their lesser INTP brethren because they have been given a golden spoon.

3) Classic Nerds: Similar to golden boys without the golden spoons, they tend to be intelligent, yet utterly incapable of holding a jargon free conversation. Most normal humans are incapable of communication with them outside of topics such as Star Trek, role-playing games, or the latest Matrix movie. To most, they appear asexual (and tend to BE asexual). They tend to get low level programming jobs, teach computer science at the local community college, or unemployed creating annoying

4) Religious Fanatic: This type has given internal logic up for the external imposition of logic. This is usually due to severe bullying and ridicule as a child, which causes this INTP to be crushed to an empty shell – the perfect vessel for religion.

5) Cynical Realist: This type of INTP has seen the world, and realized that they want no part of it, except where they can get knowledge, experience, and entertainment from it. They see life for what it is, a big cosmic joke, and often wonder if they should laugh or cry, but otherwise just say the hell with it, and go get laid. They tend to be sarcastic and funny, are world travelers, and can blend in to any environment, and they tend to get laid a lot. They also tend to be fairly well educated, yet stuck in worthless and meaningless jobs, both because the people around them are idiots and because they don't have the mindless compulsion to kiss ass to move up in life.

Chapter 15

The female journalist sleeps her way to the top (or bottom)

From a character writer's point of view (should I care to be one, which would only be for the dosh), the profiles are rather interesting. It could be INTPs acting (by the demands of society) using their auxiliary modes to a more or less degree. Quenk has something on this and is probably the authority. And what are the types but character profiles?

Number Five: the girl ones get laid a lot, so they say, in and out of relationships. Maybe, I am missing the cues. It is usually the ENFPs that are the trophy hunters (dirt diggers) amongst the girls. A Weasel (malignants that fabricate stories) done me in, or rather provoked an ambush attack (nearly murdered) on me. Portrait of the resistance fighter whore getting into bed with the enemy chief to find out the secrets. Your imagination can do the rest.

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Reality Schemata

Only Guardians (SJ) maintain a reality schemata.

High level Perceivers say:

There's a Hole in Reality through which We Can Look if We Wish (John Steinbeck)

ALDOUS HUXLEY The substitution of simple intellectual schemata for the complexities of reality.
ISAIAH BERLIN History is reducible to a natural science or a metaphysical or theological schema.
E. H. GOMBRICH The schemata and patterns an artist has learned to handle.

INTP: The Wizard

Iganokami's Guide to the INTP Mate

INTP The Wizard

To be an INTP

One INTP Woman's view of what it means to be INTP

INTP Profile

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Chapter 14 (Developments)

The Horsemen (ESFJ) has tired of his latest conquest and wants to offload the Cat on me. What he must suspect that the Cat (ISTP) enticed him in the first place. The Horse turns into a Rodent (ISFJ) and the Cat transforms to Dragon (INTP). It has to because it is the end of her nine lives. The Dog Soldiers are queuing for Caprice who wants to bag up the Cat and throw her in the river, the Cat who wants to poison the Horsemen, her next suitor and Caprice as well (unless Caprice can get away: she will see it coming, but will she act, or will she sadly submit to her fate). And everybody gets on each other's nerves.

If another Pony knew what what is on my mind, she had better run. Unless she wants a Bear (ISTP) Hug. But there is a price to pay first from the executive function of the Eagle (INTP).

PS: Conscious of the approaching deadline. But all routes seem to be blocked by the diabolicals.

Mr. Spaceman (McGuinn)

Mr. Spaceman (McGuinn)
Woke up this morning with light in my eyes
and then realized it was still dark outside
It was a light comin'down from the sky
I don't know who or why

Must be those strangers that come every night
Whose saucers shaped light put people up tight
Leave blue green footprints that glow in the dark
I hope they get home all right

Hey Mr.Spaceman, won't you please take me along
I won't do anything wrong
Hey Mr.Spaceman, won't you please take me along for a ride

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bullies and Self-esteem

In contrast to old beliefs, recent research indicates that bullies act the way that they do because they suffer from unearned high self-esteem.

“ Violent criminals often describe themselves as superior to others - as special, elite persons who deserve preferential treatment. Many murders and assaults are committed in response to blows to self-esteem such as insults and humiliation. (To be sure, some perpetrators live in settings where insults threaten more than their opinions of themselves. Esteem and respect are linked to status in the social hierarchy, and to put someone down can have tangible and even life-threatening consequences.) ”

“ The same conclusion has emerged from studies of other categories of violent people. Street-gang members have been reported to hold favourable opinions of themselves and turn to violence when these estimations are shaken. Playground bullies regard themselves as superior to other children; low self-esteem is found among the victims of bullies, but not among bullies themselves. Violent groups generally have overt belief systems that emphasise their superiority over others. ”

—Baumeister, 2001

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Logic Emphasised to an Extreme

Logic Emphasised to an Extreme

Effective dominant extraverted feeling types are quite comfortable making decisions that are nonlogical. Introverted thinking types in the grip of interior extraverted feeling may be compassionately insistent on the application of logic, becoming quite emotional about their approach. As an extension of the loss of control over the thinking function, the introverted thinker begins to engage in excessively logical, unproductive thinking. There may be an obsessive quality to this thinking. One ISTP feels compelled to "prove" the accuracy of his
perception of things. An INTP said, “lf a problem comes up that I’m unable to resolve, I work at it anyway and can’t let go of it, even if l know cannot solve it, convinced that he or she is unloved and ultimately unlovable.

Other introverted thinkers report becoming less articulate, speaking their childhood feeling of being extremely different from other children, rapidly and disjointedly, obsessively trying to solve the insoluble, using marching to a different and unacceptable drummer. often with no clue
sharp, clear, but “paranoid” logic. They may find that they forget things, about how others see things. The memory of childhood misery and misplace objects, and engage in futile projects that don’t accomplish helplessness may intensify the adult’s inferior function experience.

Quenk “Beside Ourselves” page 113

Further text at:

Hypersensitivity in Relationships


Monday, 3 November 2008

Publications by Naomi L. Quenk

Publications by Naomi L. Quenk

Essentials of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment
Well-known author and psychologist Naomi Quenk gives valuable advise in this succinct guide designed for mental health practitioners needing quick, comprehensive instruction on the clinical application of the MBTI® instrument.

Facet Sayings and Songs
A delightful and uplifting way to introduce people to the subtleties of the twenty facets reported by the MBTI® Step II Instrument.

In the Grip
This is an outstanding introduction to the inferior function - an often hidden part of our personalities that emerges most dramatically during times of stress, fatigue, and illness.

MBTI® Manual
The most up-to-date edition of the official reference for users of the MBTI® instrument. This third edition of Isabel Myers' original work has been fully revised and enhanced to include the history, development, and current research and applications for the MBTI assessment tool.

MBTI® Step II Manual
The Step II Manual is a comprehensive guide to understanding the depth and richness of type as reported on Form Q. Step II builds on the dynamic nature of Step I and provides a way to help respondents achieve type clarity.

True Loves
Elaborating on Carl Jung's Soul Images of love, psychologists Alex and Naomi Quenk describe the characteristics of four profoundly different kinds of lovers — Mercurial, Romantic, Innocent, and Steadfast.

Underwater Divination

Modern Animism
Morph Changes under Stress

Underwater Divination

I knew that under minor difficulties that people adapt and can morph-change through different types. What I did not realise that under trauma, the functions are so messed up (possibly to the fourth inferior function [Quenk] happens often). The person could then send to have drowned (not swimming amongst the sea of people but going under). Logically, then a whole different set of underwater animals characterisations are necessary, which makes life very complicated. An underwater Seahorse does not (but I think it can) operate like a terrestrial Horse. This I believe to be a distorted interpretation. Anyrate, there are Walruses, Dolphins, Sharks, combative Lobsters and Crabs, Oarfish, Eels, Krakens etc. all inhabiting the undersea inner world.
Well, I am getting a little bit of sleep now. I dare say if I am pin sharp awake I can allocate the various undersea animals (I have not finished the terrestrial ones yet).

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Agamemnon (very resolute)

In Greek mythology, Agamemnon (very resolute) / (ancient Greek: Ἀγαμέμνων) is a hero, the son of King Atreus of Mycenae and Queen Aerope, the brother of Menelaus and the husband of Clytemnestra; different mythological versions make him the king either of Mycenae or of Argos. When Helen, the wife of Menelaus, was abducted by Paris of Troy, Agamemnon was the commander of the Achaeans in the ensuing Trojan War. Upon his return home, he was murdered by his wife Clytemnestra.

Clytemnestra also killed Cassandra (although not in all texts). Her wrath at the sacrifice of Iphigenia, her jealousy of Cassandra, and the possibility of going to war for Helen's affection are said to have been the motives for her crime. Aegisthus then ruled Agamemnon's kingdom for a time, but the murder of Agamemnon was eventually avenged by his son Orestes with the help of his daughter Electra.

Chapter 13 (Blue Murder)

The psychological torture is designed to induce conversion and repentence, even under a false confession. I think the Narc or malignant can be smoked out. His actions may not actually be illegal though. Black Magic, hypnotism in the community, seems to be legal, but not premeditated assault and attack, although a slap on the wrist for the scapegoat may be the remedy. Many of the targets commit suicide as a result of the social defeat engineered by the intimidation brigade.

The violent Guards do not seem to change. They may disguise or camouflage their intentions and they stay within the law as they get older. The sadist becomes contrite and carries on as usual.
The perpetrators are quite capable of destroying lives completely. This is either the mind bending of the Right Wing Christians or the slavery of the Right Wing National Socialists. Ideally, the target could be found useful work to suit his psychological type/ capacities.

See Babylon 4:10 for brainwashing techniques uncovered by the telepaths. Garibaldi (the Guard) was successfully doctored. It is debatable whether that Artisans, Idealists and Rationals can be doctored in this way. The Black Guards care about possession, prestige, honour etc, whereas the others may care about individual people, souls, freedom etc.

Neither side is wrong or right, but the distress caused by the torture is very distressing. The Charades, Ceremonies of Horsemen, are visible enough, at least by the Architects. Guards, especially the Horsemen (ESFJ) project their own fears.

After the ceremonies, what next? The Elite Force or the assassins may set an ambush. I said it always ended in violence.

Planet Waves

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Chapter 12 (with notes) Great Bear Cafe

The Picnic Controller of the Artisan world (Fauna in John Steinbeck's "Sweet Thursday") organises the charade or the masquerade, the party to put the Doc and Suzy together and it did not work. At least not that time, although there was a record of Gold Stars. At least the Doc had the choice and a stranger was not foisted on him without consultation. Fauna always thinks she knows best. She is a Bear (ISTP) and they are apt to be superficial. She can't tell the difference between a Cat (ISFP) and a Dragon (INFP).

On the Balcony (Jean Genet) everybody plays a role. I think that there is no escape from this. It is (for me) that I am unable (now) to find the correct role for my personality. I expect that I ought to be a writer. But there are lots of writers and the pay is poor. I don't want to live in a lonely garret (Watching the River Flow) without any dosh.

Somehow, I want to get back into the sea of people (without drowning), where I was before I was attacked and ostracised.

The personality type mechanism is rising above such unfortunate circumstances. At the feeding grounds and watering holes, the person has to become an extravert. e.g. the INTP (Eagle) becomes the ENTP Snake. This spooks the Guardian Horsemen (ESFJ) and this happens time and time again. He thinks the intruder is aiming to be Champion the Wonder Horse. Guardians habitually cannot appreciate that other people are different from them and see things in their own ambitions and become hostile. Therefore, I get excluded.

I try to walk through the fear, but it takes too much time to feel safe. This is my personality handicap. This can be seen a Schizoid Disorder, but I see it as Information Deficit. It may also be regarded as lack of support. This may happen both ways. It happens with missing parents or Narc parents (e.g. Puff the Magic Dragon). The parent instead of giving support tries to blow down the boundaries of your personality. Or the parent thinks that the reputation of the family (or the boss of the firm in the workplace scenario) is more important than the individual person. Shotgun weddings etc.

Two o'clock in the morning and I have a airy feeling which I put down as an uninvited stalker (not my neighbour), or an invited stalker out of reach. I've got a feeling that a Cat may have transformed to Dragon. This is a rather unforseen happening and rather risky and dangerous event. I don't think there has been a conscious connection and I don't understand how the dreamboat works. There has not been any ghosts or hauntings. I am not so sure that a Dragon (INFP) and Phoenix (XNXP) can mix: more like identity theft? The Ferret (ENTP) would work well though. Need some grounding in reality (non-fliers).

Phoenix XNXP from Neptune

All Saints Day

Office Bullies: Insulted in Public? Unmask the Bully!

For office bullies, every day is Halloween. That is, office bullies wear masks. They fear exposing their inner weakness. You can use this trait to your advantage when a bully insults or criticizes you in front of others.

Try these steps:
Take a deep breath and allow yourself time to process the comment. Recognize the insult for what it is—and is not. It is not a constructive suggestion for change. It is a bully’s challenge, designed to embarrass you. Give yourself time to quiet your natural desire to defend yourself. Defensiveness puts you in a weaker position. Instead, allow silence to form around the bully’s words. You can experiment by asking the bully direct questions, such as “What makes you think that?” “How do you see that quality in my action?” This puts the onus on the bully to respond.

Since there’s likely to be little data or back up to support their original comment, the bully may have to back down. Use the “broken record technique,” that is, repeat your questions until the bully responds. Stating your question firmly and with confidence is key. There’s nothing a bully fears more than being unmasked. When you remain calm, in control and ask questions, you’re likely to expose the bully’s weakness—her ability to think clearly and support her conclusions.