Sunday, 22 June 2008

Notes on Intimidation (known as Bullying)

General Advice on Bullying

Every bullying situation is different. Bullies have a knack of finding out what buttons to press to get the reactions they want from you. So you have to be adaptable. Use the following general ideas by adapting them to suit your situation.

The BullyOnline forum was formed in 2000 by the late Dr Tim Field, sharing his unique and extensive experience of casework, his UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line, and web site

Bully OnLine
It remains the world's leading forum on tackling workplace bullying, and can provide validation and re-empowerment for those who have suffered work abuse or bullying anywhere.

Bullying at Work


Perseus said...

Some more information can be found at:

Ambient Abuse

Beware of the Stockholm Syndrome


Critical Stress Advice

Perseus said...

The bully is nothing to do with you. He is working his own agenda. If the Guardians (SJ) and Management want to do something about it their abilities and personalities may be more equipped, unless you take it on youself.

Not for me. I want to get out of their agenda/toxic zone so that I can recover without being hunted down by maniacs.

So there are two issues

1) Anti-bullying, which could be see as Best Management (although the manuals have information and techniques on stiflying opposition and eliminating opponents).

2) Recovery from trauma/distress.

I repeat I see two programs operating:

a) Basic personality type, with the Keirsey as a pseudo-scientific Modern Animism operating system.

b) Millon Map or standard personality disorders which are a product of psycho-social circumstances, although they may be ingrained. These are just labels put on people and do not stand up to scientific scrutiny (not in relative space and time).

In practical day to day events, it is actually be best to be aware of the Millon Map, because some of the sadistic types are really dangerous and they do not wish to change. And if they do change, it could be an act and they will regress under stress.

Recovery from trauma, I found was assisted by judging personality types to avoid danger areas. I use a mixture of the above two systems.

I find that I develop a Information Deficit Disorder*, which is not having enough information. Fools rush in (not me) where Angels fear to tread.

*This is my invention, symptomised by diffidence, wariness, timidity (under direct intimidation), peripheral activities (not rushing in) etc.
I daresay Millon has a name for this!?
This dysfunction was caused by circumstances in the outside real world.

Then there is Erewhon when in a foreign land, the Others relate to you in a way you do not believe to be your real self. This is also called Living Death, or being Bured Alive, and Keirsey describes this as the Divided Self (from RD Laing).

If anybody has got any better/different counselling information, I would be interested to know. These are world views. I do not want to join the cult or the organisation.


PS: Some people can go along with the flow until the Beaver (Teacher ENFJ) blocks up the stream of consciousness.