Friday, 20 June 2008

The Sore Dragon


'It is 8 o'clock now. You should be getting to bed. Up you go and hurry up about it.' A and B did as they were told. They put on their crystal earrings and snuggled up in bed. Soon the sun disappeared over the horizon. The stars twinkled in the night sky. A and B were quickly sound asleep.
But strange and peculiar things can happen in the night. Yikes! there are ghosts around. The cupboard beneath the stairs began to creak alarmingly. And then this creeping pitter-patter of feet. it was a sound that didn't come from human feet. What strange creatures roamed in the early hours of the morning?
A black mark appeared on the carpet. and another one, and more and more all .the way up the stairs. They have only got four toes. These are Goblin feet. There are Goblins in the house!
'Where is B ? Where is B ? B has gone away! The horrible Goblins have captured her. They have taken her away. What are we going to do?' 'We had better tell the King.' said A . 'Where does he live?' 'He lives in the castle by the sea.'
A went off to see the King. 'The Goblins have taken B away.' 'Oh dear,' replied the King. 'They must have taken her to Devil's Dyke; a horrible place where Goblins live in holes, and owls screech in the woods. There are wild dogs and bugbears, and ghastly old crones that live there too.' The King and his Royal Court began to talk earnestly amongst themselves. 'With all of my men and all of my horses we will never get her out of there alive. What are we going to do?'
The King looked over the sea and began to pray. Suddenly, the waters began to churn and froth and bubble. What a strange sight. A Dragon has appeared! It is the good water Dragon from the Sore. What a fantastic sight! The people looked at the vivid red and green Dragon, with water running off its prickly back, and his enormous wings; and they were filled with great wonder. He flew over the harbour where the good Dwarves made the brigs. (An ancient sailing ship.)
A said to the Dragon: 'The Goblins have taken B to Devil's Dyke, and will not give her back.' 'Jump on my back,' said the Dragon. A jumped on the Dragon's prickly back. And they flew over the hills. Over Mill Hill, and Truleigh Hill. 'Truleigh Hill is a good place and true, and where the clever Gnomes live,' said the Dragon.
He flew above the ridge leading up to Devil's Dyke. 'There's one,' shouted A . 'There's a nasty Goblin!' Where had she seen a Goblin before? 'Ugh! they look a bit like humans and a bit like pigs.' With one swish of his powerful tail, the Goblin grabbed the Goblin in his tremendous claws. 'Take me to where B is!' demanded the Dragon. 'Yes, yes, at once,' replied the cowering squirming Goblin.
Again they flew over the hills until they came to Devil's Dyke. 'What are those smelly little holes?' asked A . 'They are Kobold mines, where the nasty Goblins and there horrible friends live.' The Dragon was very very angry. He said to the Goblin: 'Go and tell your horrible little pals, that if you do not release the poor imprisoned B at once, I am going to breathe fire down down your smelly black tunnels and turn you into roast pork.'
There was a great commotion and fear, until the Chief Goblin brought B up to the fresh air. 'Are you alright?' asked A . B was a little bit cold and frightened and a rash had broken out on her skin. 'That will go in a while,' said the wise Dragon. Otherwise she was none the worse the wear. The Dragon was cross and stern. He scolded the Chief Goblin: 'Now don't you go around stealing children and imprisoning them in your dirty little holes again, or else there will be trouble.'
'I've never flown on a Dragon before,' said B . 'Neither had I before today,' replied A . The Dragon flew and he was happy now. And so were A and B . And they flew over Truleigh Hill. And all the Gnomes laughed and waved. And they flew over the harbour. And the Dwarves stopped their banging and chopping and waved too. But they didn't smile because they had a lot of work to do.
The King was pleased that they were safe. 'Did you enjoy your ride?' he asked. 'Yes, it was fun,' they replied together. The first light of dawn filtered through the window. A and B took off their crystal earrings. 'Time for school,' said Mother.

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Perseus said...

25 years later it was discovered that the Dragon lived at Thundersbarrow