Saturday, 21 June 2008

Jung v Millon

Jungian (iNtuitive-Perceiver)

Suppose it is so that people differ in the ways that Jung and Kretschmer believed. Then we do violence to others when we assume their differences to be flaws and afflictions. In this misunderstanding of others we also diminish our ability to predict what they will do. Likewise, we cannot even reward others should we want to, since what is reward to us is a matter of indifference to the other: "to each his own" is the old saying, now modernized as "different strokes for different folks." To achieve the intent of these sayings will take a lot of work in coming to see our differences as something other than flaws.

Millon (Sensor-Judger)

Interpersonally Unengaged (e.g., seems indifferent and remote, rarely responsive to the actions or feelings of others, chooses solitary activities, possesses minimal "human" interests; fades into the background, is aloof or unobtrusive, neither desires nor enjoys close relationships, prefers a peripheral role in social, work and family settings).

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