Saturday, 21 June 2008

A Narcissist or Camel

For instance, a person with a sense of entitlement, always irritable,who cannot tolerate team approaches and touchy-feely committees, and who is adamant their way is probably correct, given their experience, full of rationalizations and disdainful of regulations which stunt creativity, is probably more likely to be from a certain country, or profession, rather than from a diagnostic category such as antisocial or narcissistic. It depends where you stand, and these categories are thus predisposing professionals to label many characteristics as pathological. The above person however, in many societies that value such characteristics, would be seen as a creative leader with drive, ambition, single mindedness of purpose, and do well. In a more British and colonial system, they would have to have Royalty in their blood, or be sent to Coventry or simply sabotaged by the others (see Millon deal with this on pages 151-155). or

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Perseus said...

The trouble is each psychologist can have a different Weltanschauung
(=world outlook)

Different Weltanschauung can be found on:

The political event is the official sanctioned (paid for by the taxpayer) Weltanschauung for your community/region/nation/family
group and any departure* could be regarded by the Million Map (local
Psi Cops# enforcement regime) as schizoid/eccentric or avoidant
something depending on the case worker. (*Departure from the party line, New World Order, requires whipping
into line or order or resignation/schizoid/drop out/avoidant from the
Rat Race; or various forms of intimidation pertaining to this group topic matter.)
(# Euphemism for the political indoctrination masquerading as
psychological services provided by the Police State UK)

Current UK Cabinet:

My current conspiracy theory is the strongest and most powerful
influence is the Ministry of Economics. In personality types this represents the majority of people who are of the Guardian temperament:

They can be allied to the more neutral Artisan temperamental types:

They are all mere Earthlings, voted into power by other Earthlings.
They discriminate against and intimidate extra-terrestrials from
minority and unpopular planets (planets = religious groups or
philosophies or political idealism; many people follow comets and asteroids and are out on a limb. It is best policy to adopt/worship some of the big players like Jupiter or Christianity, not their satellites supported by the hosts gravity mass).

In the rational Earthling world of western philosophy, Dragons are on
the unknown bit, on the edge of the known world.

We live in a political world
Where peace is not welcome at all,
It's turned away from the door to wander some more
Or put up against the wall.