Saturday, 21 June 2008

She's so Cute

She's so Cute

At first he was the provider Horse and just paid the bills and got booked in for a rodeo, but now he is showing artisan spells and wants some Horse play. Fasten the martingale. The Cat wants to paint a picture.

The Terrapin is slowly changing into a Crocodile (being strangled by an Anaconda). The Mouse is collecting virgins for the Dragon.

The Rats want to force the issue. They are scavengers feeding off the the leftovers of the Bully King.

The Leopard has borrowed all your paints and is riding on the wild Mustang out on the verdant plains. The Leopard can change its spots, but it is still a Leopard at heart.

The point is that it all looks different underneath the clouds, high above. But when the mist descends nobody can see a thing, and you have to feel your way through like the rodents and Snakes. (Don't let your adversaries cloud the issue: conceptual clarity)

The Dragon is hiding in his barrow and won't come out to play.

Andy (Eagle at Night)

When I'm awake I feel like a Crocodile being attacked by an Anaconda*. I have felt this may intermittently. Crocs have been around by eons, but so have the large snakes. A conflict that could have happened 150 million years ago. (* On maybe the paralysing effects of the venom of a smaller Snake?)

Oh! And if I thought it would do any good, I'd stand on the rock where Moses stood.

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