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Morph Changes on the Extraversion - Intraversion Dichtomy

Morph Changes on the Extraversion - Intraversion Dichtomy

Extroverted or Introverted

This category deals with how we prefer to interact with the world and how we prefer to get our energy and stimulation. Extraverts are energized by other people and action. They are talkers, often thinking out loud, interrupting people at meetings, or bursting into a co-worker's office to ask an opinion, and then not really listening to it. Extraverts become drained when they have to spend too much time alone; they need other people to function. Introverts, on the other hand, get their energy from their own thoughts and ideas, rather than heated discussions. Introverts rarely speak up at large meetings, preferring listening to talking. Introverts need alone time, especially after spending a few hours with people.Introverts are outnumbered by extraverts by about three to one in America. Extraverts are often rewarded in school, by participating in class discussions, and at work, because they are popular and outgoing. Introverts, on the other hand, are often undervalued because they keep their best to themselves.

> ENFJ: "Teacher" = WOLF > INFJ: "Author" = SKYLARK
> ENFP: "Journalist" = FERRET > INFP: "Questor = DRAGON
> ENTJ: "Field Marshall" = BULL > INTJ: "Scientist" = HAWK
> ENTP: "Inventor" = SNAKE > INTP: "Architect" = EAGLE
> ESFJ: "Seller" = HORSE > ISFJ: "Conservator" = MOUSE
> ESFP: "Entertainer" = BUTTERFLY > ISFP: "Artist" = CAT
> ESTJ: "Administrator" = RAT > ISTJ: "Trustee" = DOG
> ESTP: "Promoter" = TIGER > ISTP: "Artisan" = BEAR

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