Monday, 30 June 2008


Darwin's Origin of Species flashed complete in one second, and he spent the rest of his life backing it up; and the theory of relativity occurred to Einstein in the time it takes to clap your hands. This is the greatest mystery of the human mind—the inductive leap. Everything falls into place, irrelevancies relate, dissonance becomes harmony, and nonsense wears a crown of meaning. - (John Steinbeck)

But then suppose two intuitives clash!? They have diametrically opposite views and try to prove they are right.

Who is the judge and the jury?

Can we nobble the jury by picking personality types favourable to our views? 85% of the population is made up of Artisans and Guardians.

e.g. Who were the first Americans?


Perseus said...

The difference between the Freudians and the Jungians.

Freud is just one personality tendancy on the observant side compared to the introspective Jungians.

Perseus said...

Intuition or Sensing?