Saturday, 21 June 2008

Unpublished Star Trek Episode

"Captain, there are three spaceships approaching."


Type: Camel ESFJ variant
Alignment: Neutral
Home Planet: Swallowed by a Black Hole (Dark Star)
Police: No records
Judiciary: Litigation not pursued
System: Patriarchial and variance
Status: Stable, Malfunctioning
Psi Cops: Passive-Aggressive, Anti-social reputation-defending with narcissant features (Guardian)
IQ: 115

Type: Horse ESFJ (later identified as a Unicorn variant)
Alignment: Good
Home Planet: Black type, at Cold War status and under threat, Acquisitive, Reprobate.
Police: Records not known
Associates: Problematical (past), numerous
System: Patriarchial
Status: Chaotic
Psi Cops: Sadistic, Sadistic-Explosive
IQ: 90

In the distance:

Type: Horse/Rat hybrid ESFJ/ESTP
Alignment: Neutral
Home Planet: Black type, cold warring with neighbours, Acquisitive
Police: No records
Associates: Investigation in abeyance
System: Patriarchial
Status: Stable
Psi Cops: Unknown
IQ: 140

Lucky the information is to hand and it is not a suprise encounter.
Is the information accurate?

What to do Captain?


Perseus said...

Seems 60% to 80% friendly part of space, sometimes 90% Captain.
Occasional invasion by Artisan Spaceships. Lots of Earthling
Spaceships as normally expected.

Spaceship Horse approaching. Four other spaceships close-by two
indeterminate types, possibly Wolves (or Dogs), one Butterfly (more like a Caterpillar), and in the distance another eight
indeterminants, possibly more Horses and Bulls.

Enemy Shield up: attack mode.
We have sustained a direct hit from a Horse spaceship torpedo, all
systems inoperable. Could be fatal. Recovery. All systems down, ourspaceship could be in terminal decline. Emergency. Spaceship in for assessment for natural self-recovery mode.
Wolf spaceship may be preparing to attack! Wolf spaceship withdraws.
Rat spaceship arrives.
A Camel spaceship is watching making token assistance. Rat spaceship looks like an enemy.

Move into another space for recovery mode. Not going back to that part of space again without an army. Spaceship badly damaged
requiring an extensive eight month recovery period. Not functional
for space travel after the period has elapsed. Still subject to hit
and run attacks from Dog spaceships.

The Captain failed to respond to an attack, failed to acknowledge a
two second warning.

Perseus said...

This text identifies the adversaries using both the Keirsey system (with my animal profiles) and the Millon system called Psi Cops. It also identifies the Gods/philosophy believed in called Home Planet.

Morph-shifters is the name given to the ability to shift animal forms, which seems to be limited.

Freud is considered 80& fraud except for the Ego

The Psi Corps (pyschology) is different from the Psi Cops (psychiatry) with the component R for Relationship.

Perseus said...

Federation Starship

Type: Eagle INTP damaged to Dragon INFP (Limited natural morph-shifter in flying mode)
Alignment: Good
Home Planet: White type, warring with one neighbour (friends of enemies), Damaged
Police: No records
Associates: Clear or None
System: Henotheism damaged to Polytheism (Matriarchial Animism)
Status: Stable
Psi Cops: Schizoid, Schizotypal/Eccentric damaged to Schizoid/Remote
IQ: 125

Perseus said...

Psi Cops Designations: