Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Who burned down the Farm?

Who burned down the Farm?
(Miscellaneous Dream Notes)

I had a good news dream for a change (instead of the threats, after a night with no sleep at all).
Predatory animals were roaming the town, the proud Lion walked past the Community Centre (south-east) and much more hard to see the Tiger was in the north-west. Now these animals were neither friendly nor hostile, but these are dangerous predatory creatures of the night. Then the Insurance Agent started running. The Tiger quickly caught him and he was toast (a single bite to the neck). What other creatures are lurking?

Don't tell anybody your dreams, the Jungians might get into power!"
The Fascist (in his dream) was being chased by a Mallard steam locomotive, but the engine was red. Ha! Ha!

PS: In Catch 22, the person who is your enemy is the one who is going to get you killed!
'Beware of the Dark Star: hundreds of Black Bulls riding on a pride of Lions with the Gorgon as their leader,' said the clairvoyant.


Perseus said...

The Community Centre (the dream was real) is the community and animals are located in various compass points of psychological type/political affiliation around the centre (will the centre hold after the fire?).

Perseus said...

The Centre might not hold. The Community is under attack from outside forces (people) and they are on a hostile mission. Ask Clare (the Seer). The Insurance Agent is another Tiger type (Promoter).