Monday, 28 July 2008

Another Brick in the Wall

Another Brick in the Wall

The best way to get around the wall for Idealists (NF) is to listen carefully, sum up accurately, and emphasize what the two of you have in common. Once the Idealist believes that they have been heard and understood and mostly agreed with, they are generally willing to discuss some differences. If you disagree too much for their comfort, making them fearful that the relationship is in jeopardy, most Idealists will revert to repeating their arguments over and over.

But from the Fraudian (Freud + Guardian) point of view, this is the narcissist in operation, and such evil people need to be taught a lesson, have their brain smashed in*, life destroyed, partner raped, sent out into exile. (*Instead of trying to remove the brick, the Bullies try and demolish the wall!)

Bull (ESTJ) on behalf of the Ruling Elite Property Owners Rational Terror (REPORT)

Idealist (NF)
Mentor (NFJ) Developing

Teacher (ENFJ): Educating BEAVER
Counselor (INFJ): Guiding SKYLARK
Advocate (NFP) Mediating
Champion (ENFP): Motivating FERRET
Healer (INFP): Conciliating DRAGON

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