Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Psychiatry v Psychology (Tools)

The Millon Map seems to be a variant of the psychiatric system and built up to guard (SJ) the interests of the Establishment. This would be used by the Psi Cops (psychiatrists). It seems to propose their is a normal human condition (as defined by the Psi Cops in power) and the types are variants from the normal (anti-Socialist).

The Keirsey System starts from the premise that everybody is different (NJ) and builds a map for the individual needs and is used by the Psi Corps (psychologists).


Perseus said...

The Millon model could be described as the nutty Medical model developed in America and used in England, whereas the Keirsey model could be described as the universal Animism model that has been accepted for at least two millennia and probably longer.

Every so often a monotheistic religious leader appears and hails himself as Son of God.

Perseus said...

The harshness of the Millon regime can be traced back to the worldview of America. The psychological torture inflicted by the Millon-style ostracisation is for retribution and deterrence. Like in medieval times the personality types out of favour are considered to be possessed by the devil and have to be persecuted, and only such harsh punishments would drive the devil out of the body and save the soul of the person.

My contention is that it is a dastardly plot my the land owners and vested interests to keep hold of their property and enjoy excess living whilst the poor suffer slavery under the yokes of their Masters.