Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Let the Animals Fight it out in the Jungle

When the Other people behave is mysterious ways it is possible to analyse their underlying personality structure using the Keirsey system. They do not have to be so obnoxious, but you may find that they will always be incompatible at the feeding grounds (work). At play you can avoid them.

The Millon system is an overlying personality map, and this done by choice by the people involved (often forced by psycho-social circumstances). There is no fixed characterisitc personality types using Millon. It is an illusion, or an operating program put over the top of the personality type. The sadist chooses to be a sadist.

Under Keirsey, the Horseman (ESFJ) has not got all that much choice about being a Horseman. He has ways of modifying his behaviour but his underlying type remains.
The Bullies are likely to be ESTJ. They are agents of higher authorities forcing through an agenda from the Management. SJ are the Guardians.

It is all rather simple really, but it took me about a year to work it all out.

The best bet is to a job that suits your personality type.

I don't think there is much else to do really. Be true to yourself and let the animals fight it out in the jungle.

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