Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Eagle and the Counterpoint (Eye for an Eye)

From the perspective of an Eagle (INTP).

This is the Contrast one (Griffin)

Contrast point and counterpoint on each function

In a negotiation, a counterparty (counterparties – plural) is the other representatives(s) of the other negotiation party(s) with whom one is negotiating a potential agreement or contract.

I think this means an Eye for an Eye at every point of contact.

The INTJs, Hawks are bad enough! They should be complementary.

This is the classic Commander, leading an army of attrition against the Eagles, the Snakes, the Dragons, and anybody who disagrees is stampeded into the ground. He may employ Rats, Dogs etc. to do the work. The Snake will be pummelled to death, the Eagle will fly above the mayhem, but needs to be careful at feeding time, and the Dragon will go to sleep in his barrow.

This seems to be the worst possible case scenario, but it isn't, the Unicorn and the Black Riders (Horsemen ESFJ) are more formidable.This is the Anima in type relationships and could be your shadow.

Moving over to the Dragon personality (INFP) and I am confronted by a pack of Wolves (ENFJ) as point and counterpoint. The Bully (ESTJ) is the Anima.

It is again, only at feeding time that the conflicts occur.


The BULLY allocation has an animal revision to LION and then to GRIFFIN.

The RAT alloction has an animal revision to BULLY.

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Perseus said...

With the revised Animism List the contrast is now a LION.