Saturday, 19 July 2008

Personality Test: Number Five

In this test you are required to name the first five famous (or not so famous) people you admire. They should be household names. The ones that come to mind to me are:

Bob Dylan
John Steinbeck
Charles Darwin
Aldous Huxley

and one to be named.

All these are writers,, with a bit of science and performer thrown in. I might choose a politician for the other one.


Perseus said...

To make a better test I should choose a poll of a representative of each personalty type!

Attila the Hun or O Bin Laden
Winston Churchill
Salvador Dali
Tony Blair
Margaret Thatcher or Bill Gates
Albert Einstein
George Orwell or Sitting Bull

and others to think of ...

Perseus said...

First Draft List:

Tony Blair
David Keirsey
Martin Luther King
William Blake
Napoleon Bonaparte
Isaac Newton
Alfred Hitchcock
Charles Darwin
George Washington
George Bush
Attila the Hun
Mother Teresa
John F Kennedy
Tiger Woods
Elvis Presley
Salvador Dali

Perseus said...


You will probably have to join this group first.

Which famous person do you think is most like you?

These are my choice of persoanlities and were done in a bit of a hurry, so I hope they are accurate enough.