Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Morph Shifting (Emotion - Thinking Continuum)

All personalities have room for change by engaging their thinking powers. The implication is that the emotion comes first and then the thinking comes later to justify or amend their emotions. See the Perseus Pathos Scale. Too much thinking and you lose the general run of the population. The psychopath may do thinking without emotion, and he could use a more of a feeling component.

So the new idea is to restrict the cleverness, at least in social relations, if not in blogs. This is to gain a more successful personality in life. The animal names have not yet been allocated and may be changed later.

Some animals are unpopular in the western property owning Guardian (SJ) society, e.g. Dragons, Snakes, Ferrets. Others do not fare very well if not supported a crucial moments in the life plan. e.g. Skylarks, Eagles. All these are the Intuitives. I resist the alteration of my Intuition (even though I know it can be faulty in Strangeland) to specific Sensing processes.

> ENFJ: "Teacher" = WOLF 5% Educating [Givers]
> ENTJ: "Field Marshall" = GRIFFIN 5% Mobilizing [Executives]
Junction: ???

> ENFP: "Journalist" = FERRET 3% Motivating (Champion) [Inspires]
> ENTP: "Inventor" = SNAKE 2% Devising [Visionaries]
Junction: ?

> ESFJ: "Seller" = HORSE 13% Supplying (Provider) [Care Givers]
> ESTJ: "Administrator" = BULL 13% Enforcing [Guardians]
Junction: BEAVER

> INFJ: "Author" = SKYLARK 1% Guiding (Counselor)
> INTJ: "Scientist" = HAWK 1% Entailing (part of Arranging)(Mastermind)
Junction: PIGEON ???

> INFP: "Questor = DRAGON 1.25% (Males 0.6%) Conciliating (Healer)
> INTP: "Architect" = EAGLE 1% Designing
Junction: PHOENIX

> ISFP: "Artist" = CAT 5% Synthesizing (part of Composing)
> ISTP: "Craftsman" = BEAR 5% Instrumenting [Mechanics]{Artisan}
Junction: PIG (can't fly)

> ISFJ: "Conservator" = MOUSE 6% Securing (Protector) [Nurturers]
> ISTJ: "Trustee" = DOG 6% Certifying [Duty Fillers]
Junction: RAT

> ESFP: "Entertainer" = BUTTERFLY 13% Demonstrating (Performer)
> ESTP: "Promoter" = LION or TIGER 13% Persuading [Doers]

For what of a better word (quite yet) these are called Junction personalities.
Each of the four dimensions can be changed in the same way (morph-shifting)

Extrovert to Introvert so a more rounded personality can be developed. It may very well that the basic personality type lies underneath. For an Introvert to may an Extrovert on a permanent basis takes a lot of energy. The hard point of thinking hurts (not to be wasted on non-productive crosswords).

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Perseus said...

I think this is the easiest morph-shift to make on your own, without interruption by other people. Introversion to Extroversion is possible in small doses and this depends on the support or quality of the other people, and exhaustion seems to be the limiting factor. Intuition to Sensing can drive completely out of your mind and this would is the diminishing suicide route (short term drugs could aid a workplace scenario). Perceiving to Judging is much harder than the other way around. This is very difficult and the source of much conflict in the workplace. This route would lead to depression.