Thursday, 3 July 2008

Blog from the Psi Corps

I imagined that the psychologists were all members of the Psi Corps

I am not even sure if they are telepaths at all? They may just be scientists or even Petit Gods (ENFJ) following the rule book?

The psychiatrists are the Psi Cops. Prior to the Telepath War, new telepaths were either made to join the Psi Corps or take drugs to block their abilities. Many telepaths runaway to keep from being forced into the Corps. After the war, telepaths had more freedom in choosing their futures. When confronted by an assassin coming out of a Minibar, I do not know if I passed out through a mind burst (denial fainting) or became unconscious through being hit, the scientist suggested. I know it was the latter from past experience, and I have the evidence in photographs.

Dr Stephen Franklin
CMO Babylon 5

Beware of the Psi Cops
psi(n) : the twenty-third letter of Classical and Modern Greek and thetwenty-fourth letter of Old and Ancient Greek; a form of psychicenergy(abbrev) : pounds per square inch (an imperial unit of pressure)

20 Leagues under the Sea of Humanity. The pressure is on.

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