Saturday, 5 July 2008


My personality (mostly INTP) says:

1) Standard Psychiatric Mythology
I really do not know what good this gobbledegook is. It should be assigned as a relic of the 20th century with the two World Wars. They have not cured anybody yet, and it is really just assisted suicide. The is the medical model that simply does not work.

2) Millon Punitive System
This is not all that much different from the standard system. They are overlaid patterns on top of the Animism personality types. The Millon personalities can become a pervasive Modus Operandi in certain people. However, they are not ingrained and are a product of psycho-social-economic circumstances. The written tests do not work properly either.

3) Modern Animism
This Jungian-style system works, but the tests are not sophisticated enough. Personal growth and conflict resolution is possible.

4) Monotheistic God systems and variants
History shows some examples where the new religions have reduced social strife, but plenty of examples where doctrine differences have resulted in strife.

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Perseus said...

"Animism, Magic and the Omnipotence of Thought"

The third essay examines the animism and naricissistic phase associated with a primitive understanding of the universe and early libidinal development. A belief in magic and sorcery derives from an overvaluation of physical acts whereby the structural conditions of mind are transposed onto the world: this overvaluation survives in both primitive men and neurotics. The animistic mode of thinking is governed by an "omnipotence of thoughts", a projection of inner mental life onto the external world. This imaginary construction of reality is also discernible in obsessive thinking, delusional disorders and phobias. Freud comments that the omnipotence of thoughts has been retained in the magical realm of art. The last part of the essay concludes the relationship between magic (paranormal), superstition and taboo, arguing that the practices of animistic system are cree behind which lies instinctual repression.

This is the alternative Freudian Weltanschauung