Friday, 25 July 2008

How do you put the Boot in?

An example.

The Council official turns up at your doorstep and orders you to chop down your hedge because it is blocking the highway (a ridiculous lie, but in this case he is really serious).

Or you carefully prepared wildlife garden, which the Council official orders you to spray and remove because the neighbour does not like the weeds. Or the Slow Worms which she thinks are snakes (being from the concrete city where they do not have such things).

Do you.

1) deride his orders, perhaps in a sarcastic manner
2) reply caustically, which he may regard as an insult (treat the idea with contempt)
3) demean the complainant that caused the problem
4) think you have been rejected as a person because you think the comments are from malice
5) don't bother to even listen
6) make a mental note that the officials and complainants are both enemies
7) punch the official in the face or otherwise intimidate him in what way will be most amusing.

or being a Goddess

8) regard the whole episode as a storyline for the book you are never going to write, and choose to analyse the characters.

Meanwhile the characters are:


Complainant: Mouse (ISFJ)
Decision-making Official: Bull (ESFJ)
Calling Official 1: Rat (ISFJ/ISTJ)
Calling Official 2: Horse (ESFJ)
Oversee Arbiter Official: Wolf (ENFJ)
Mobster 1: Dog (ISTJ)
Mobster 2: Camel (ESFJ variant)
Mobster 3: Beaver (ENFJ)


You: Phoenix (INFP/INTP)
Neighbour 1: Cat (ISFP)
Neighbour 2: Panda (ISTP variant)
Neighbour 3: Snake (ENTP)


Police: Pig (ISFP/ISTP)

Second Police (after political strings are pulled): Bull (ESFJ)

This is how World War III originally started. It was a Mouse that Roared!

PS: Try to choose an example of what happened in real life, rather than your ideal choice, having had time to think it over.

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