Saturday, 29 November 2008

Chapter 27 Gallic Lady & the Pet Shop Bears

I saw a Gallic lady* last night in a very temperamental unhappy way, just like me on many occasions (the Wolves call this the Howl, but it is something different when done by Dragons) and at first it seemed just like a minor infraction rather than grief caused by what amounts to a boyfriend/stalker. The trouble is I was very depressed myself (very much so last night) and I wanted to keep my cool. No nightmares, thank God!

Eagles don't howl, they utter a caustic precision sound. However, although the utterer may be in great distress, it does not come across like this to other people. Only other Eagles can hear the sound of distress. This did sound caustic. It was not very attractive. Hideous even.

Ordinary Eagle sound:

*I was not paying much attention, but it looked like a Bear chasing one of the fliers, a Dragon, Skylark or Eagle, or perhaps the extrovert equivalents of Ferret, Beaver or Snake. There is a rider on this one as I first scanned her in as an acting Rodent (ISXJ). Therefore, she deserves everything she gets and the rest was just an act. She ran off on her own, back to the party.

On the same night Simon Smith was making a Bear dance. Bears, who would have them? I tried once. Never again outside of the pet shop.

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Perseus said...

Eagle Lady and her Wolfman husband with nowhere to go but home. And then the Wolfman regresses to Bully.