Monday, 23 November 2009

Perseus (Official Identity Card if the Druids throw the Romans out)

Perseus (Official Identity Card if the Druids throw the Romans out)

I actually arrived in a Shooting Star meteor storm from the
constellation Perseus in the last quarter of the year. It was written in the stars that Perseus killed Medusa the Gorgon and later rescued and married Andromeda. Therefore, I am a Greek, not a Druid at all. Sorry.

However, in the dreamtime (modern animism) I am a Golden Eagle (
INTP) morph-shifting to Phoenix (XNXP) from Neptune but I am quite an adept shape-shifter when my energy levels are OK to my earlier Dragon (INFP), probably a Marzipan type) incarnation (living at Thundersbarrow) and to Snakes (ENTP) to spook the Horsemen or Atrebates (ESFJ). Altogether as a Psychedelic personality type (NP), I am not fond of the Guards (SJ) and the Crazies (SF).
This is probably more Druid style, but I am not trained in the ancient religion.

My most accurate (first) reading on the
Paragon scale (1-12) was
Introvert 8
Intuitive 10
Thinker 7
Perception 11

My Apotropaic is a large green plastic Turtle (XNTP).

Perseus has not adopted a Tolkien style D & D character, but in my previous incarnation as Glaucus (the fishermen changed into a God after eating a magic herb) I was probably a Nereid Elf.

My Political Compass position is in the Green.
cf. UK Political

I reside in the land conquered by the South Saxons, but my heritage is Cantium (Roman spelling). My DNA has not been tested but I suspect I am second wave (Ukrainian refuge). Possibly descended from German immigrants but with Bryonthic stock.

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