Friday, 20 November 2009

Ferret : can she transform?


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I've decided I'm tired of being an ENFP. I would like to go "I" for awhile because I don't want to be around people and attract the wrong types anymore. I would also like to be a hardcore "T" as well because I'm tired of feeling and caring. Oh yeah, and I'd like a good dose of some "J" so I can implement this all into action....

A wise move. Go into hiding and transform yourself into a Bird, a Hawk type. You could fly very high like an Eagle (INTP) and be unreachable, or make a brief appearance as a Sparrowhawk (INTJ) and be very fierce towards Pigeons (INXJ) when they give you the message that the local Stallion (ESFJ) wants to see you.
"I am only the messenger don't tear a strip off me," the Pigeon complained.
So next time, there came a Mouse (ISFJ). The Eagle did not even see him arrive. The Dog's (ISTJ) plans went awry.


Glaucus said...

You're welcome, pinkrasputin. ;') I was thinking that ENFPs might be more likely to be mainpulated out of our desire for harmony. I call it sacrificing ourselves on the altar of false peace. As long as we fullfill our role, they will be peaceful. We lift up and inspire the people we care to our own detriment sometimes, (like with the runner) but then others don't always do the same for us. I realize introverted types might have a harder time showing love to us in a way we can understand, but that's not what I'm talking about.

Eventually we start caring for ourselves again and they withdraw or pay us back for 'letting them down.' This isn't always the case; there are a lot of people out there who do not do that. And yes, liking is so much more important than love. Liking comes from an open, safe place of delighting in another. I don't care what anyone says; If you don't like someone, it is very hard to love them. And unless you are married, there is no obligation to spend even a minute with someone you don't like or who does not like you.

To me, a good measure of a relationship's health is the freedom to make yourself happy and not be entirely responsible for someone else's happiness. There should be some give and take in love and inspiration. Learning to say no to the runner, or to other safe people will help you to say no to the one's you are in more intimate relationships with.
Even if you knew, you still wouldn't know.

Emme Toaye said...

Very interesting topics and conversation in this blog and I have always had a fondness of Dragons, thanks for allowing me a visit, oh yes, and I always knew there were Energy Vampires out there, so thanks for renewing my beliefs.

yae said...

hmmm you refer to ISFJs as both rabbits and mouses.. why?

Glaucus said...

ISFJ have different qualities of the propensity for Feeling and different Extraversion - Introversion etc.

Mouse is the extreme form. Hamster is almost the same. Rabbit are relatively more extrovert (but still Introverted). A Rat is X on the I - E scale and also higher on Thinking but still a F.