Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hey, Sister


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I don't know but many girls think that all what guys mostly want from them is sex not Friendship, Well, One of my relatives thinks that too, she doesn't even believe in friendship between guys and girls, she says if a guy befriended a girl or wanted to get closer to her he only wants to get into her pants, but , honestly who believe in this ? so then my best friend want to have sex with me too ? hell no !!!! of course he doesn't !! , I knew him for more than 5 years , and we're great close friends and every day we know something new about each other, he's caring, truthful and nice to everyone he knows not just to me, he would never think like that , not just my best friend ,my other guy friends too, they treat me as if I were their sister, they help me out when I'm facing a problem, they stand by my side when I need support, they represent a very important part in my life, I don't think all the guys think the same way,.. not that disgusting way ...

Lilith (ESFP) says this. She wants a Scorpion between her legs.

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Glaucus said...

Simply, according to Keirsey, the best match for a NF idealist is a NT Rational. Perm any combinations of Rational types which is four on the basic system.

INTP Eagle
ENTP Snake

However, it is not rreally as simple as this on the 384 SDystem because your leading traits may not be NF. Could be NP Questor or even PN Psychedelic. I think you would still be better with a Rational but it might need to be the Best Match ENTP.