Monday, 16 November 2009


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Do you think SJ and SP are good classifications? Or do you prefer its ST and SF?

I'm asking this coz I find that its hard for me to relate with most SF than ST. Is it just me, or anybody think the same way?

Thoughts, anyone?

As far a I know only the Perseus System uses SF Artist and ST Dictator. It is a logical deduction so I doubt if it is unique.

The Keirsey System has SJ Helpmate and SP Playmate.

I have only just thought of this, SF must be Artmate and ST Rulesmate, for want of better terms. ST altogether as bureaucrats following the rules decided by the lawmakers. A coterie of Artists, Witches and Composers/Musicians.

STJ will only help people who do as they are told. SFJ will only help people if they get a reward.

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