Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lilith ESFP

Lilith ESFP (or ENFP ?)

The space between her legs is as a scorpion ESFP, her head is that of a lion ESTP, she has Anzu bird (male) INFJ feet like Lilitu, her breasts are suckled by a pig ISXJ and a dog ISTJ, and she rides the back of a donkey ESFJ.

Other legends describe the malevolent Anzu birds as "lion-headed" and pictures them as eagle monsters, ESTP/INTP or in the Bible as a Screech Owl* (corrupt) INTJ. (*Translation problems with this and alternatives suggested are Lamia = witch and child stealer.)

They were highly sexually predatory towards men, but were unable to copulate normally.

Babylonian texts depict Lilith as the prostitute of the goddess Ishtar. Similarly, older Sumerian accounts assert that Lilitu is called the handmaiden of Inanna or "hand of Inanna." The Sumerian texts state that "Inanna has sent the beautiful, unmarried, and seductive prostitute Lilitu out into the fields and streets in order to lead men astray." That is why Lilitu is called the "hand of Inanna."


Glaucus said...

Lilitu appeared to men in their erotic dreams. Such qualities are further suggested by the Semitic associations made with the names Lila and Lilitu, namely those of lalu, or wandering about, and lulu, meaning lasciviousness.

Glaucus said...

lascivious | lsvs | a. LME. [f. late L lasciviosus, f. L lascivia licentiousness, f. lascivus sportive, lustful, wanton: see -OUS.] 1 Inclined to lust, lustful, lecherous, wanton. LME. 2 Conducive to or encouraging lust or lechery. Formerly also, voluptuous, luxurious. L16.
1 MILTON Hee on Eve Began to cast lascivious Eyes. DENNIS POTTER He did not want any lascivious comments or dirty-minded ogling. 2 J. T. STORY She madea lewd movement with her hips as a kind of lascivious promise.
lasciviously adv. M16. -----------------------
Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc.

Glaucus said...

Lilith does this. She lures you into temptation. And at the last minute, the Angel in you thinks better and the performance does not occur.

I want put my genes in her and have ancestors.

Alright then, can you pay the bills ?