Sunday, 15 November 2009

Eagle or Condor (INTP) and Hawk (INTJ)

Eagle or Condor (INTP) and Hawk (INTJ)

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The problem here is Perseus posts from his perspective. Add his language comes out very choppy, not fluid....he can sound like an ass. I dont think he means to though, I think he is so intune to his own perspective he doesnt take into consideration others perception of him and his words.

He is trying to be helpful, just in a manner that we have to decipher.

Communication is possible between INTP and INTJ because both are rational. However, there is always differences of opinion over the facts. INTJ are Scientists whereas an INTP is a Legal Eagle or Philosopher (Condor). The INTP may see a bigger picture. In practice the INTP, the intuition of the Condor type may take second fiddle to the truth. This is usually because of the ST dictates (Guard Dogs ISTJ) as an agency of the ENTJ Political Boss (Sheriff of Nottingham). Ass is an ESFJ variant (the opposite of an INTP). Variant FJES. Feeling influences Judgement and Execution predates Common Sense.


Anonymous said...

"Ass is an ESFJ variant (the opposite of an INTP)."


Anonymous said...

Ass as in a donkey, which would be a lesser (read: petty) version of the Horseman / Horse (ESFJ).

Glaucus said...

Yep: there is also "the straw that broke the Camel's back". One burden too many for the Camel that never forgets the smallest (supposed) slight. (Greek)