Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Wet, Wet, Wet

Christmas Card

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Short and to the point:

What would you think of a guy (or a girl, w/e) who tells you he likes you in writing, but stays there while you read the letter?

It is an invitation to treat like a Christmas Card. It is pre-scan (observation), pre-orientation, pre-decision, and pre-action. Don't take any notice of the stupid Hawks INTJ. They are just imitating the Boss ENTJ.

PS: I did this once. She (ESTJ) replied back and I got my evidence of bullying and then she phoned the Police. It was unwanted.

This is not the best policy. What is best is to lead him out to the garden and squirt him with a "high pressure" hose pipe of water until he is soaking wet and has to take off all his clothes.

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