Monday, 23 November 2009

Love Bird in Trouble Again

Another fight with my intp

K. We had a severe fight. I feel utterly...I feel like asshole. The more I try to explain it to her...the more she detaches...and dear God it hurts so badly. It makes me feel so helpless to know that the more I express myself the more she shuts me off. I know why this is happening...I know how it is happening....I'm just expressing deep pain cause I can't to her.

Lovebird Male INFP

[quote=thehigher;190128]I almost never whine. I don't whine to her especially. Now I come on here to merely get it off my chest. Thanks bud.

PS: please get off of your whole man vs boy/ masculine psychology/ game/ pussy vs masculine male psychobabble. I get it. You think women are not attracted to wussies and because I showed my weak side that she lost attraction. You're obnoxiously wrong if that is anywhere near what you think. Oh and stop pretending like you don't feel the same things some times. Some people actually decide to talk about it rather than deny that they have such feelings. Grow up.[/quote]

The distress reactions of INTPs are hypersensitivity to emotional relationships. This is not general hypersensitivity, not unless the INTP is a PINT (Pornographic Priestess). High perception INTPs may be more emotional.

Note in contrast the typology prayer of an ISTP is insensitivity. I am not sure I can reconcile these differences. ISTPs can go mad with grief and anger. It is called "Bear with a Sore Head".

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