Tuesday, 29 December 2009

What type was Margaret Thatcher ?

What type was Margaret Thatcher ?

She went to Oxford in 1943 and studied Natural Sciences, specialising in Chemistry.

In her foreword to the 1979 Conservative manifesto, Thatcher had written of "a feeling of helplessness, that a once great nation has somehow fallen behind."
[3] She entered 10 Downing Street determined to reverse what she perceived as a precipitate national decline, characterised by a combination of high inflation, high unemployment and stagnant or slow growth. Her political philosophy and economic policies emphasised deregulation, particularly of the financial sector, flexible labour markets, and the selling off of state owned companies.


NITP-"the loyalist"
The first of our value-heavy subtypes, the NITP creates an identity through adherence to usually one thought-style or system-style (which may evolve slowly over the years), finding the similarity of all things within this frame.


Glaucus said...

I think she changed from a

PTNI-"the cold shower"
With the inherent paradox of being a T-strong perciever, this type excels in using parsimony to reduce systems to a simplest metaphor. This activity can be sobering.

Glaucus said...

i.e. she changed from a PT Doer to a NT Rational, but her basic type was more of a Doer than a Thinker.

I am more of a PN Observer