Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Psi Cops (Role in the UK?)

In the Perseus System (idea pinched from Babylon 5 and adapted) the psychiatrists are called the Psi Cops. This is what they do, enforce the pseudo-scientific psychiatric laws. They do this with poisons, imprisonment without charge, for the benevolence of the community at large, which roughly translated means the stakeholders = people with money and property. The Psi Cops have never cured anyone. It is not their job.

Actually, they are labelled as Doctors so they have a duty to "do no harm" to the patient. In this way the State should not use them as soldiers against dissent.

Benefit dispensors are agents of behalf of a party. Crims and psychopaths (=enemies) may be good at manipulating Feeling types in the employment of the Social Services against target dissenters in the community.

Psi CoRps are grown-up people and these may be psychologists. Unless, a Wolfman ENTJ has infiltrated the Social Services on behalf of a political party, who will then only dispense Psi advice to his wolf pack and psychologically torture any opponents or rivals.

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