Friday, 11 December 2009

Bash the Reporter over the head with the Guitar until he is Dead

Bash the Reporter (Wicked Messenger) over the head with the Guitar until he is Dead

Fate says; 'the common things of life'.

At the film's savage climax, Friend attacks Uncle Sweetheart, and is in turn attacked by Fate then Cupid - who murders him. As we watch the journalist bleed to death, it's hard not to think that Fate/Dylan is getting his revenge for a lifetime of intrusion - but when Fate is falsely accused of the murder, and taken off for sentence, we realise that things are not as straightforward as that.

The recurring message of the Wicked Messenger throughout Dylan's poetry.

And the acceptance of Fate.

Fate meets his fate without complaining, and in his silence seems to assent to the accusation made against him.

But the film does seem to indicate Dylan is a Context Operator PNIT (INTP variant*). The context is:

In a fictional America caught up in a civil war that is tearing the nation apart, a benefit concert is being organized. A traveling troubadour named Jack Fate is sprung from jail by his scheming former manager, Uncle Sweetheart, to headline a concert with the expectations to bring peace to a country that is entrenched by chaos, lawlessness and pandemonium.

(*In Perseus Modern Animism this would be an Eagle transforming to one of the rarer venomous snakes, which can only thrive in a specialised habitat, or dies in an inhospitable one. Could be a Moccasin? Maybe a Copperhead?)

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