Tuesday, 8 December 2009

John Wesley Hardin'

Messenger: I would like to warn you that John Wesley Hardin' is a bad man; he packs a pistol and shoots people dead.

Justification: Well nobody is perfect, I know you have heard whispers, but have you actually seen him shoot a person down dead?

Messenger: It is well known amongst the lawmen (he is as crazy as Joey Gallo). He is a gambler and a thief.

Justification: You are multiplying small incidents out of context. So he plays cards and forgets to pay for a drink. Does that make him an outlaw?

Messenger: Jesus Christ you .......

Reply: They refused him to.


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Glaucus said...

John Wesley Harding

John Wesley Harding
Was a friend to the poor,
He trav'led with a gun in ev'ry hand.
All along this countryside,
He opened a many a door,
But he was never known
To hurt an honest man.

'Twas down in Chaynee County,
A time they talk about,
With his lady by his side
He took a stand.
And soon the situation there
Was all but straightened out,
For he was always known
To lend a helping hand.

All across the telegraph
His name it did resound,
But no charge held against him
Could they prove.
And there was no man around
Who could track or chain him down,
He was never known
To make a foolish move.