Thursday, 10 December 2009

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a shape shifter, but what is basic type? It is a diifferent Galaxy from the Terran Empire "S" types and introspectives "N" types form the Jovian planets (sometimes called Foreigners or Aliens). .

But as a Time Lord from Gallifrey, this I assume to be a Jovian planet in their Star System. Time Lords are intuitively thought to be INTP. However, the Doctor is reprobate and he may have regressed to a scatty INFJ.

However, the two hearts put a different perspective on things. He is probably a dual processor operating two types at the same time.

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Glaucus said...

Time travel almost certainly requires a shift to the "E" function so he will be ENTP probably a PS Psychedelic and ENFJ Teacher (not very often because I am not the script writer. I have written unpublished Doctor Who stories but I also have a namesake -real name- who publishes Doctor Who stories).