Sunday, 13 December 2009

Eight Jungian Functions

Summary: The Eight Jungian Functions

Extraverted Sensing—The Scout

* Objectively collects data through the five senses
* Focuses on the current moment
* Focuses on experiences that provide the most stimulation

Introverted Sensing—The Conservator

* Experiences present situations triggering perceptions of past situations, including the internal responses to the past situation
* Compares the present to the past
* Maintains objects and traditions

Extraverted Intuiting—The Brainstormer

* Sees connections and possibilities in the external world
* Generates multiple possibilities
* Focuses on how things and relationships could be

Introverted Intuiting—The Seer

* Sees connections and possibilities in the internal world
* Views situations from multiple perspectives until the “best” is perceived
* Recognizes and values symbols

Extraverted Thinking—The Administrator

* Organizes the resources necessary to achieve measurable goals
* Objectively and logically organizes people and resources
* Evaluates performance against measurable standards

Introverted Thinking—The Analyzer

* Organizes ideas and information into functional categories
* Builds an understanding of how things and ideas work
* Uses categories and understandings to make decisions

Extraverted Feeling—The Guide

* Initiates and maintains social networks
* Organizes the people in harmonious social networks to complete valuable activities
* Seeks to maintain relationships

Introverted Feeling—The Conscience

* Seeks to understand what is truly important: their deeply held values
* Makes value based decisions to maintain personal integrity
* Helps others maintain their integrity


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