Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Exist does God

As an INTP capable of Extreme Logical Thinking, I can categorically say that it can be proven beyond any doubt whatsover that Exist does God. (English Language version)

If God does Exist, than Exist does God.

The disciples* may tend to debate the nature of God, and forget to debate the nature of Existence. For Greek fans of logic; the two ologies are Philosophy and Theology. The secular and religious state (power structure).

*This a new term introduced; which is creative thinking.

The last post got lost


The Sore Dragon: Search results for istigkeit (PN) (Keirsey NF)


ontology (NP) (Keirsey NT)

The NF/PN religious argument says that the ontological method of Thinking is Amazing (=incorrect). Perseus says it is a political struggle between two ideologies.


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