Wednesday, 16 December 2009

What planet are you on?

[quote=ENXJ;208125][The now-extravagant text in my quote of you is what I'm responding to]

From what I can tell, you differ highly from standard MBTI (which I do as well) by essentially saying that Perception is a function just as Feeling is - is what I'm interpreting correct?

And on a side note, when you say "from a different planet"...heh, it makes me wonder - and you perhaps a "starseedist"?[/quote]

The term for the Doors is "mode" from the Latin "modus" = measurement. Perception is an important mode, probably the most important and the Introversion-Extroversion the least important, such as this scale is virtually ignored for the Perseus System. This may include political or existential reality, but probably just reflects the need to earn a living or go to social events.

"What planet are you on?" he asked
"Far out"

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