Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Teddy Bears in Short Pants (Boxer Shorts)

[quote=Sily Wily;82297]I wear the pants in my family, until my husband tells me it's time to take them off.[/quote]

I have noted it is easier to get together with the partner; if a Thinker (Trousers) is stalked by a Feeler. Two Feelers can crash into each other, but two Thinkers will dance/fight around each other.

It is relative though. The tests are related to the average in the population, but using the Paragon scale on 1 to 12, I score just 7 on Thinking (my weakest tendency) so a ST Bully with 8 thinking would not be a Rational Thinker but a Dictator (Perseus 384 system), but she would want to wear the trousers. (Who paid for the Trouser Press?)

Note that "Can't see the Wood for the Trees" only applies to Bears ISTP and Big Cats ESTP. The stupid ISTJ Dogs and ESTJ Bulls do not see either the Trees or the Wood.

This is the only personality type category related to gender. About two-thirds of all males are thinkers, and the same proportion of females are feelers.


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