Monday, 28 September 2009

16 Moans about your Partner

or 16 reasons why you wish you were still Single

ISTJ You are obsessed with insignificant details
ISTP You don't consider your partner's feelings
ESTP You are irresponsible
ESTJ You are a bully and control freak
ISFJ You have to do it exactly right
ISFP You will not stand up for yourself
ESFP You will will not take our relationship seriously
ESFJ You have not got an ounce of patience
INFJ You need everything to be absolutely perfect
INFP You jump in before you are ready to finish what you have started
ENFP Your eyes wander off and catch the eye of another
ENFJ You really must help me out with this
INTJ You like to listen to your partner who is always wrong
INTP You will have to do things your way
ENTP You will insist on making up your own rules and disregarding the conventional way
ENTJ You will rush around and do not give me a chance to relax

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